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    1. Sun flowers next to cows (in above picture, not below)
    2. 4 bowls of red stuff near blue house thing (sorry i dont know what it is)
    3. Mugs in the coffe shop are different colours (top=turquoise bottom=blue)
    4. Change of pattern on the box next to the barn
    5. A cow has a missing horn thing (top picture)
    6. Lack of walls next to the place here the cats are chillin' (top picture)
    It got so damn hard at this point
    7. In the trees at the top right of the pic (ones that look like there are peach coloured chillies hanging off) has an extra fruit on a branch
    8. The golden goats dancing pole has different numbers of gold rings at the top of the centre pole
    9. The colour of the bandstand wooden floor differs (bottom is darker)
    10. Direction of hay?( i gave up at this point because 1 hour had already passed
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    1. The cows horn
    2. The yellow flowers
    3. A piece of the stone wall
    4. White knob on the fence
    5. Gold ring around the pole
    6. Dogs food bowl
    7. The coffee cups colour
    8. Fruit on cacao-tree
    9. Dirt on tractor
    10. Plank on wood box

    I hope that was the right ones

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    1. Dog food bowls, 2. Missing cocoa bean, 3. Coffee cups are different color, 4. Flowers by the pumpkin patch, 5. Slate in the box next to barn, 6. Horn on the cow, 7. Rings on the singing in the rain post, 8. Shadow on left tractor wheel well, 9. Shadow on right tractor wheel well, and 10. Length of the block wall near cat house.

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    10 differences

    1.White fence post cap missing, extra apple, 3.extra dog bowl,4. yellow flower, 5.extra raspberry, ring on goat statue,7. top of wood box by barn,8. color of coffee cups, 9.cow horn missing, 10.extra cacao tree

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    My answers

    Coffee stand cups changed color
    There is a fourth dog dish
    There are yellow flowers above the pumpkins
    There is a gold ring missing at the top of the goat lamppost.
    There is a wall missing next to the cat house
    The crate is missing a board on top
    There is a shadow on the top front end of the tractor
    There is a missing cocoabean in the middle tree at the top of the picture
    The cow is missing a horn
    The lamp next to the fence post is missing a ball at the top

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    Spot the Difference :)

    1 Cacao seed missing the middle tree (upper right group)
    2 Missing part of the wall by cathouse
    3 Missing a dog bowl
    4 Missing a yellow flower plant by cows
    5 Coffee cups are a different color
    6 Missing a dark spot on the front part of the tractor hood
    7 Horse lamppost is missing the gold band on top
    8 Missing line inside crate by barn
    9 Missing round top to fence between the pig and horse
    10 Missing the horn on the cow

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    Spot the differences answers

    1. Flowers next to pumpkins
    2. Fence post between pig and goat statues.
    3. Dog bowl missing.
    4. Top of crate next to barn.
    5. Coffee cups, green instead of blue.
    6. Cocoa bean pod missing one on middle tree next to raspberry bushes.
    7. Missing gold ring on lamp post of goat statue.
    8. Extra wall piece by cat house.
    9. Shadowing on left side of tractor above tire.
    10. Shadowing on the front of the tractor (engine area?)

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    Talking Spot the 10 differences

    1) Dog’s food bowl
    2) Stone wall
    3) Flower pot
    4) Coffee cups
    5) Cocoa
    6) Fence’s ball
    7) Golden arc from sheep’s monument
    8) Red tractor’s stains
    9) Wood block from top of the box
    10) Cow’s horn

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    Hay day spot the difference

    There is no no flowers next to the pumpkins in front of the cow pen

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    Hay day spot the difference

    On the top one there are 4 bowls by cat house and coffee cup are tourquise and in the bottom one there are only 3 bowls and coffe cups are green

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