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Thread: TH10.5 - I am a war genius

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    Junior Member xManiac's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
    Top 30 Australian clan - Great war record (War Clan)

    We are the “Ancient Rulers”! We’re a friendly clan that loves to war and have fun!
    Below you will find some things that will aid you in your decision to join our family/clan.
    Est -13/06/2015.


    How will joining benefit you?:

    1. You will have a great time chatting with the awesome people!
    2. You will learn or even teach a few things from higher/lower players.
    3. Be in a family friendly atmosphere.
    4. Be able to grow as a clash of clans player.
    5. Make good mates!
    6. War experience.
    7. New strategies/base designs.
    8. We are currently in the top 30 Australian clans.

    What are the clan rules?:

    1. NO BEGGING. (we are very active & fill requests very fast anyway)
    4. And of course don’t donate things that players don’t ask for.
    5. No age requirement.
    6. Recommend AUS time zones but not required.
    7. Must be friendly and active.

    What are the clan requirements?:

    1. Must be a Town Hall 9 or higher
    2. Hero combined requirements -
    TH9 - 30 * TH10 - 50 * TH11 - 60 **EXCLUDING Grand Warden**
    3. Must donate (Recommended)
    4. Must not be rushed. (We do accept defenceless/engineered bases & .5's)
    P.S. We don’t require you to go to war. We’d just like people to have a good time

    How do I rank up to elder?:

    Just follow all the rules & be loyal.

    How do I rank up to Co-leader?:

    Stick around for a good amount of time, follow the rules & be loyal! It will come with time and loyalty!


    -Chief xManiac [Co-Leader]
    We are the “Ancient Rulers”! We’re a friendly clan that loves to war and have fun!
    Below you will find some things that will aid you in your decision to join our family/clan.
    Est -13/06/2015.

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    Crab Claw
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    Dec 2014

    search Bloated Walrus or clan id#YRV9LLC

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    Fresh Spawn
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    Nov 2015
    Hired Gun
    Lvl 11
    Streak: 34 straight and counting
    Record: 250-40-3
    Get at us! We'd love a new 10.5

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    Jul 2014
    The Muni Lot - an all adult level 11 clan where we care more about your personality than how often you 3*. If you're cool with a rowdy, loyal, competitive bunch give us a shout. 4,000 donations a season and a chat application is required.

    TH11 | Level: 190 | 75 Stones 223 Magmas | BK: 45 | AQ: 45 | GW: 20 | 2bil GG & 2bil EE | 10.6m HH | 875 Stars
    Upgrading: AT (15), Cannon (15) | Goblins (7)
    Currently 14th highest war wins in the US and are now recruiting adult 8.5+ members! PM me for details

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    We only have adults in clan (strict 18+) and most of us are in our 30's.

    Clan makup for the active war members:

    3 TH 11
    7 TH 10
    4 TH 9.5
    10 TH 9

    Not all are max but almost all are max hero's (we stress hero pushing a lot).

    War record: 303/43/6 (we like to win), our last war was 25v and a perfect war at that. 88% lifetime 6 red lines in current log.

    Were also half way through Perk 12 on our way to 13.

    Clan: ClanPillagers
    Tag #9R2C8980

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    Lvl 12 war-clan mostly .5s US base ADULTS ONLY 300 wins +
    Our clan name is
    infect3d spid3r : #2GGUP9VV
    Put farzy in your request when you try to join so i know you are from the forums

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    Forum Elder nfischer83's Avatar
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    Dec 2014

    Lvl 10 War Clan
    War Record: 228-25-1

    Twitter: @HigherGroundCoC
    YouTube Channel
    Clan Tag: #8V8CJVLV

    GroupMe Recruiting Chat
    Line: nfischer83

    A group of chill yet competitive, adult (18+) gamers focused on dominating wars. We are active, friendly, social, but most importantly: competitive.

    What we can offer you:
    • Chill group of loyal friends - clashing together for 2+ years.
    • A healthy, drama free, organized clan environment
    • Enthusiastic and competitive clan members
    • Culture to breed well rounded strategists
    • No donation requirements - request filled around the clock
    • Competitive clan wars!

    Higher Ground is an adult war clan. Majority of our clan has been together for 2+ years. We're a tight group that likes to war competitively. We're looking for competitive war clashers that enjoy a chill environment and banter between friends.

    Town Hall 9 Requirements

    Walls >100% level 9
    King Minimum 20
    Queen Minimum 20
    War Troops Maxed
    Base Non-rushed

    Town Hall 10 Requirements

    Walls >100% level 9
    King Minimum 35
    Queen Minimum 35
    War Troops Maxed
    Base Non-rushed

    Town Hall 11 Requirements

    Walls >100% level 9
    King Minimum 40
    Queen Minimum 40
    Warden Level 10
    War Troops Maxed
    Base Non-rushed

    Chat with us on GroupMe!


    Higher Ground (#8V8CJVLC)

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    #8jjgultv we are a level 11 clan. Strong. Good leadership, and very friendly. We don't use outside apps or anything for war. Once we know you can 3 star we just let everyone call their own numbers. We have a good war log and strong top. Just trying to fill our last few spots. No pressure in wars but great results.

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2014
    level 11 Clan 325 wins: Jesus Above War #9R02JYYV

    We are war serious and friendly, no drama. I am 10.5 too. War 3 times a week. check us out!
    Please say you are from forums invited by me if interested. thanks

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    Kings Of DOOM is the kindest clan in the game.
    We do occasional pushes which are compulsory, and always war.
    Kings Of DOOM is loved by its long term members, they love the mix of serious yet relaxed atmosphere. We are serious about war and everyone helps each other out if they are stuck on how to attack their base. Donations are fast and only what you ask for. We enjoy trophy pushing and seeing what we can do collectively!

    Kings Of DOOM requirements:
    - Level 50+
    - Town Hall 6+
    - 1400+ Trophies
    - Loyal And Serious Player.
    - High activity and active chatter
    - Use both attacks if you are in war

    After joining, you will need to accept some friendly challenges to see if you are a good attacker!

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