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    Quote Originally Posted by BrickitSAM View Post
    Hmmmmmm........... Sneaky SuperCell
    And clearly a rock and grass on his beachfront. Illuminati confirmed...
    I mean grassier beaches and rocks come king soon in an update

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoaDestructor View Post
    What's in the back of the leftmost warrior? A statue holding a staff? Brown colour?

    you mean the stone coloured statue?

    it doesn't look like the red coloured object that brushie screenshotted. But a new statue would be interesting. I'm not sure that this is a sneak peek though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinqing View Post
    "High level players" isn't an elite cult, it's a stage in the game that people reach, high vp, high ops, any of those or more.

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    So we can expect more shields than normal on our maps then:/
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    i'm max of gold i don't know where to spend it, can you add something for high level players to abble us use our gold?

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