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Thread: Many clan mates losing connection when attacking in war

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    Many clan mates losing connection when attacking in war

    This is very strange. In fact, it's the first time it happens to me but a clan mate attacked someone in war and lost the internet connection, then I attacked and KAPUT! bye bye internet. I couldn't even drop a troop.
    Now my clan-mates say that it has happened to many of them in this specific war. I believe the other clan is using some sort of trickery apart from the fact that it's an engineered clan... (I dislike those clans...)
    Is this a known hack or something?

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    There's no such thing
    How would the other clan even do that? It's not a pvp game
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    It happened 3 times when attacking exactly the same guy, twice when attacking another. Too much of a coincidence but if you say there's no such thing, I believe you. Ta

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    ♥♥♥♥ engineering clans now have the power to hack your connection because they need a bigger advantage.....

    I am amazed by these forums every day

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    If there is some sort of glitch it wouldn't surprise me, however this is the first I've heard of it. If there was such a glitch or hack then the forums would be flooded with people talking about it.

    anyone remember about 3 years ago when trophy leaderboard players utilized a glitch to force people attacking them to lose client server sync? SC had to shut clash down and roll back a bunch of accounts and banned some players. So it's happened before. But again, if it were happening now we'd have a lot more threads about it. In the OPs scenario it's probably just poor dumb luck.
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    I had a similar experience to yours about war attacks losing connection right at the start and found a thread a year ago about it here:

    From the responses back then, it seems to be a server issue on SC but shutting down any background apps on your end can help. The other possibility that made some sense to me was that the attack draws in full capacity of viewers which causes the issue, but I think if that were it, we would hear about it much more often.

    Anyway, when it happens it definitely sucks. Hopefully it is the rare anomaly and not a regular experience.

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    I've had this happen as well. I just assume it was a server glitch on SC's part. We had a war with multiple lost connections but we were also puzzled because everyone watching the attack lost connection at the same time...So we chalked it up to a server issue which still seems to me to be the most likely scenario.

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    Funny thing this thread. I had the same thought in clash royale. Whenever I'm about to win the match, my game locks up and the other guy gets 3 crowns lol. Every time it happens that's the thought that comes into mind lol. He messed with my connection! Probably not reality though.

    To the comment about multiple observers causing dis connects, a part of me thinks that here is some credibility to it as I have watched it happen. In close wars I jokingly urge everybody to watch as many live attacks as possible in case there actually is some kind of server overload/lag if the attackers internet is slow and there by causing a disconnect lol. (i doubt it works, but again the thought is there).
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    One time, I ran into a base that had some sort of glitch that made me fat finger a spell. /sarc
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