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    Lightbulb Best ways to make money

    Hello everyone!
    I am a frequent Hayday player and I enjoy the game very much. However, I seem to always come across the issue of not having enough money to even purchase the machines I need at times and was wondering if anyone had any money making tips?i
    Please comment how you make your money in hayday and any tips you have for newbies as well!


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    There is much info here:

    (Note: this is a "stickied" thread at the top of the "New to Hay Day" sub forum. I know it is easy to miss! There are other good stickies there too, in the shaded area)
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    Money shortage happened all too often with players in development phase (Level 12 - ~60) when the initial required capital for new production buildings skyrockets.

    Personally I would advice you to abstain from participating in Derbies and/or selling stuffs to townsfolk, and limit the amount of truck orders as much as possible. As for the money, try to grow as much blackberries as you could store and produce blackberry muffins to be sold, among other things. The other few products that I found to be profitable are woolly chaps (from Sewing Machine), bacon pies (from Pie Oven) and Vanilla Ice Cream (from Ice Cream Maker), but the latter costs a lot of money.

    If you are willing to pay real money you'll get a handsome offer of diamond and coins when you reach Town reputation 2 and 3, each costing around 9 USD.

    And lastly, you can ask your seniors to bail you out of your capital investment... if they're willing to, that is.
    I don't think I could say how they're gonna bail you out in the open, though.
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