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Thread: 50 Man TF, 3 open spots CC/DE Barons Rejects #8VR9VGPQ

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    50 Man TF, 3 open spots CC/DE Barons Rejects #8VR9VGPQ

    Hi all,

    Lead a 50 man TF that is just under 20k Force Points and climbing. Need some 70+ intel per week folks who are offense oriented. Right now intel is holding us back a bit and I have 3 spots open. Goal is to be able to run DE daily and DC on occasion. Run ops everyday 90% success rate overall, 100% last 30 days.

    Come by and check us out.


    VP 1160 5 GBE 4 TD 1 TH, 500 PP LVL 65 Maxed.
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    Still have a couple open spots, come by and see us.

    Barons Rejects #8VR9VGPQ

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    Looking to fill 1 spot, running DE at about 9 pm central tonight.

    Daily ops, laid back crowd that's active in chat. Current goal to climb into top 500 50 man TF

    Barons Rejects #8VR9VGPQ

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    Barons Rejects #8VR9VGPQ

    We will be running DE in about 3 hours, just had a spot open up, come by and join the group.

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    We had one spot open up last night, come by and give us a try.

    Barons Rejects #8VR9VGPQ

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