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    Balance Changes Live! (2/13)

    The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting and looking at the stats - in particular, card use rates and win rates. You can expect monthly balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

    In this round of balance changes we're toning down the Executioner and boosting a few under used cards: Witch, Dark Prince, Baby Dragon and more!

    Executioner: Damage -6%, Range to 4.5 (from 5), axe hit radius -10%
    - Executioner's power level is clearly too high for a troop that does it all. However, this is partly due to a few bugs that we're fixing in the next update, so we're taking that into account with these changes. Reducing his damage, range and the amount of stuff his axe can hit at once should rein him in.

    Poison: Duration to 8sec (from 10sec), Damage per second +24%
    - After this change Poison will be more reliable at getting its damage down. It'll deal more damage with each tick, but roughly the same damage over the duration. Skeletons will pop in one tick (instead of two), making it much better against Skeleton Army and Graveyard - and a viable alternative to Fireball again.

    Witch: Damage +6%
    - Her use rate is really low in the later Arenas and high-win Challenges, but it's quite good elsewhere. We're looking to give her a small boost without overpowering her in the early game. This change will allow her to one-shot equally leveled Skeletons.

    P.E.K.K.A: Deploy Time to 1sec (from 3sec)
    - We're aiming to make P.E.K.K.A feel more usable and a bit more nimble to play, without breaking her identity as a big, burly robot.

    Dark Prince: Hitpoints +5%
    - He's been considered a lower tier card for some time, as his stats aren't quite there when compared to other 4 Elixir options. More hitpoints should allow him to charge around the Arena with a bit more success!

    Baby Dragon: Range to 3.5 (from 3)
    - Baby Dragon is a fun and iconic card that doesn't see a lot of play. A bit more range should make it more appealing.

    Skeletons: Skeleton Count to 4 (from 3)
    - Since Ice Spirit joined the Arena, the 1 Elixir slot has become more competitive, so we're bringing back the 4th Skeleton! This change (aka, +33% more calcium) will give Skeletons a lot more value as a distraction tool. Ledoot returns!

    Skeleton Army: Skeleton Count to 15 (from 16)
    - A critical change to maintain the delicate balance of "Skeletal equilibrium" within the Arena.

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

    See you in the Arena,
    The Clash Royale Team

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    This is amazing Tim! Really thank the developers and everyone else who helped for me!

    I love the changes here. Graveyard is a card I saw as being overpowered because poison was the one card that should have been able to prevent all damage and it didn't This should let it prevent most if not all hits!

    I like the comments on the skeleton changes. "Well played!"

    The dark prince, PEKKA and witch needed buffs. I myself wished for a dark prince health buff, to make him that tanky prince and the PEKKA had pointless deploy-time which ruined her defensive purposes. I agree that the witch needs a buff but I'd prefer a health buff because fireball almost wipes her out at tournament standard as an AoE spell for less elixir!

    The baby dragon definitely needs range or even more AoE. It is still very awkward to counter minions or sometimes minion hoard with the baby dragon. It is also shocking how close the baby dragon has to get to towers before doing damage.

    Looking at the dark prince in more detail, he just seems to fail his job when it comes to charging into swarms. Skeleton army counters him, even when he can get into the middle with a charge. A swarm when not played correctly grabs a 1 elixir advantage off an anti-swarm card.
    Barbarians seem to always come out triumphant even when a dark prince gets his 'epic' running start. The Valkyrie wipes him out in a 1v1 even though the dark prince has a smaller attack margin. A running start should make them equally powerful in a conflict. The narrowed damage counteracts the deserved award for the dark prince's extra speed and shield system.
    The health buff is another step to performing this. I would actually be interesting in seeing him become a 5 elixir card, distinguishing him from a Valkyrie, and actually making him the contrast of the prince who focuses on AoE and health rather than point damage.
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    Oh my god... Pekka 1 sec deployment time? It is a game changer.

    I like the other changes. Poison is now balanced for the first time. Exec and baby drag changes are all deserved. Hi again the 4th skeleton! You've been missed!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In game news says that PEKKA has 2 seconds deployment time but here says 1 second. Which one is true?
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    I'm sorry I'm hype!

    Edit: Ok after initial hype the rest of the changes are great. Making underused cards better while not destroying the good cards or making the weak too powerful. Happy I've just started requesting Baby Dragons as well.

    Good job SC

    Edit 2: After realizing this is a lot of indirect GY nerfs as well, I'm sad but realize that it has to be done. Still great balance.
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    Nice, thank you very much!

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    No royal giant nerf

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    Where's Zap Buff? I want it so boring

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    First page! Ok, here are my two cents on these changes:

    - Executioner: The nerf was much needed. The next step is to fix its bugs during the next full update (most probably in March).
    - Poison: I don't know if this will work out well for Graveyard (with the Witch buffed too) but other than that, its perfectly fine. For me, I still think a total damage buff or a partial return of the slow effect could be better.
    - P.E.K.K.A: Increasing her defensive potential. Nice. Together with the Skarmy buff, This should make her a viable choice in the Arena again. But then again, where's his other underused brother the Giant Skeleton?
    - Dark Prince: I don't know but as a splash card, shouldn't it be a true splash card? Increasing his area damage radius will be more beneficial in this case.
    - Baby Dragon: Another buff? I suppose this is for evening out with Mega Minion, but other than that this card is perfectly fine without the buff (BD is the second most-used splash unit in the leaderboard).
    - Skeletons: Ledoot returns! I hope this wouldn't mean it will overtake Zap again.
    - Skeleton Army: I don't think removing one Skeleton makes any big difference. C'mon, half of the Skeletons don't even aggro onto a Giant when attacking it! I think reducing it down to a more manageable level, maybe 13 or 14.

    These changes were great, but I was expecting more. Here's what I would like to see in the next update:
    - Dart Goblin
    - Mortar
    - All the siege and spawner cards
    - Giant Skeleton
    - Clone
    - Bomb Tower and Tesla
    - Something be done to Zap and The Log (maybe a Snowball to provide competition)
    - Sparky / Inferno Dragon (aka the trash can on wheels / wings)
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