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Thread: Should I upgrade to town hall 7?

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    Should I upgrade to town hall 7?

    I have been wanting to upgrade to town hall 7 so badly... But should I max my town hall 6 base?
    Here's my base:
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    I really want to get to masters!!!! Anyone know the best range to get there fast?

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    Finish the last few things. You're almost there anyways.
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    Town hall 7 is considered to be the best town hall for farming, go for it!

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    go go go townhall 7 is a winner....

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    I maxed everything before I went to 7, and honestly it didn't feel necessary. Loot is great at th7 and you get a lot more toys to play with. I say do it!
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    WAIT a week or two

    Get those mortars to level 4 and the last cannon to 7 and you should be good, though I highly recommend upgrading all of your walls to 6 as well.

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    Capping the mortars would be smart. I think general rule of thumb is at least all defenses.
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    It honestly doesnt matter i rushed to TH7 with TH4 defenses and im almost maxxed.
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    I maxed th6 as well. I wouldn't do it again. The loot at th7 is incredible. You get an extra army camp, an extra barrack. Raiding is fun at th7. Because the loot is so good, upgradingis a lot easier easier. Those lvl6 walls, a walk in the park. Definitely go for it.

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    In terms of premature upgrading, before TH8 it really isn't much of an issue, the things you really want to make sure you get done before moving to the next tier are:
    1. Max out your farming army, this means doing any research regarding the troops you use to get your money, make your camps as bog as possible, upgrade your CC and make sure all your barracks are built and can produce you faarming army
    2. Upgrade resource collectors, I am not going to get into this much more than to say if you don't do this the only person who really suffers is you, it's proabably the smartest thing you could ever do, there is no mathematical solution where it is more effecient not to.

    Otherwise getting to TH7 should be a priority, it's proabably the point in the game when you can harvest resources faster than any other TH in the game, the loot gets harder to get after TH7 so that is when you need to think much harder about whether you raise you TH but the same rules still apply, resouce production/gathering/stealing > than defense, afterall something as simple putting you TH outside does very effectively reduce recourse bleed.

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