Story of Gabriel ❤ melonshire
The USA 💕 India ( long distance relationship )
Right before two years in March one man named Gabriel started playing game hay day, he used to play alone, one day he accidentally joined one group. Many different people there but someone there always laughing , playing and smart her name was melonshire like Gabriel know melonshire from many life . One day after random chat that girl melonshire added Gabriel in Facebook and life of Gabriel totally changed, Gabriel never said but he always loved melonshire, both start chatting day and night more and more then both fall in love . Started knitting dreams time fly away, Gabriel always acted strong never said I love you and melonshire so beautiful woman always sweet always give herself freely never seen time , melonshire even being sad when Gabriel fall asleep accidentally, one day Gabriel wrote her she was in yard with her dad working on car , she came and seen messages and wrote him asap and felt sorry , many dreams many talks without talking , perfect couple, but time turned Gabriel changed some because of some problems stress his bad nature, melonshire always wanted for Gabriel but he not coming, she started leaving him, in these all Gabriel never stopped loving melonshire. Always knew that she is only love. Change in Gabriel made melonshire tuff, but for wining melonshire again Gabriel changed many ways for never hurt her but melonshire scared to love Gabriel again , Gabriel changed so much that his love become open to her deep very deep , Gabriel forget everything and just see melonshire everywhere. He cried much because melonshire is his life. Melonshire love him too but she hesitate to give herself freely again. But Gabriel never stopped waiting. Because Gabriel now can't be happy without Melonshire. Melonshire is woman so perfect , simple dreams , Gabriel love her so freely now Gabriel break every wall for her make his heart so open. And melonshire love Gabriel so much too, both tried to leave other but God don't want it, maybe both will leave then they both will regret leaving can't love anyone this much because they both have another world for them. Melonshire named Gabriel "STARLIGHT", Gabriel never had name like this melonshire being strom in his life and made him crash into her. Both faced many coincidence that can shock everyone, for example melonshire always wanted to be married on 5 October and it's Gabriel's birthday , but still Gabriel knows that God started this so melonshire will always come to Gabriel, because they both love truly madly deeply. And both still fighting with distance and money
-Gabriel ( STARLIGHT)
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