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Thread: Clashing with Willey

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    Clashing with Willey

    Hello everyone, I've decided to start sharing my videos with you guys on this forum. I like to do 3 star strategy as well as war videos and farming strategies. Hope you find my videos helpful!

    My latest video, Balloon event

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    Made a video recently for some of the newer clashers learning how to funnel

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    Probably in some collector,trying to convince it to give up its elixir😆
    Good start! Keep posting videos
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    Most recent upload, a common strategy for a fairly easy 3 star at TH9, also I will be doing a gift card giveaway as soon as I hit 100 subs. Stay tuned!

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    Light Weight Clan Wars league week 1 recap

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    LWCW week 1 recap from FA3 and BnY

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    Still doing some recaps of LWCW wars, Some great talent across the league!

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    Some more LWCW action

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    Starting to add some NDL wars to my channel

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    How I farm for DE

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