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Thread: Looking for new neighborhood

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    Looking for new neighborhood

    Level 85 playing since 2014. Time permits 3 to 4 task in derby. Active in chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LGee View Post
    Level 85 playing since 2014. Time permits 3 to 4 task in derby. Active in chat.
    Wow level 85.

    I am like 32...

    - dinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by LGee View Post
    Level 85 playing since 2014. Time permits 3 to 4 task in derby. Active in chat.
    Come and take a look at us. #98PQY9PG name fluffylemon

    Helpful, friendly new hood playing the derby

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    ����Love/Hate�� DERBY?

    Love/hate derby? We have something for you! Long established, fun, chatty, active, multi cup winning neighborhood is looking for active ADULT new members.
    Drama free and very helpful, levels 65-170,worldwide adult only neighbors. Our only rule is "have fun".
    We try to offer something for everyone, so some weeks we race for the gold cup in championship league (which we have plenty), some weeks we just do as we please, some are in hood contests which give prizes (rings/blankets) for lowest score or closest to 1800 points, we have fun!
    Please request to join if you are friendly, active and chatty.
    Check out Corn Farmers Corp (purple square with yellow paddles). Tag#J9RLP08
    We look forward to meeting you��
    4 rare openings !

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    Casterly Rock is Recruiting Friendly, Active Neighbors! (Optional Derby 4 Horseshoes)
    Hello Fellow Farmers, and Welcome to Casterly Rock's Thread!

    We are a neighborhood that is first and foremost built around what originally made this game great - chatting and helpfulness!

    At this time we are a 20 strong nh looking to completely fill up with fun, friendly, chatty, helpful neighbors!

    We love nothing more than to get to know and bond with our new neighbors - our new hay day family!

    Some neighborhoods have tons of requirements, but not us - we like to keep it simple! Check it out below!

    ~ We Accept only FLUENT English speakers.
    ~ Be level 40 or above
    [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]
    ~ We are first and foremost chatty and helpful to all members. if you are quiet, please do not join.
    ~ We are courteous to all in the neighborhood. This means no bullying or rude behavior, as well as no shop raiding.
    ~ We play derby for Horseshoes ONLY.
    ~ If you choose not to derby, that is fine! participation is not required
    [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]
    ~ If you do participate, please do the amount of tasks specified for that week, ONLY doing 290 and above [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]

    Everyone is at least an elder to help with the board.

    We have a group kik chat for the nh - not required, but highly encouraged. We make some nh decisions as a group on that chat and there are game announcements on there as well
    [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]

    We encourage the maximum amount of trade, chat, and fun that is possible in this neighborhood!

    We like the idea of a close hay day family and everyone who has joined is extremely happy they did!

    That being said, there are a few things to be aware of. We are experienced with every kind of player in Hay Day and as such, we do not tolerate the following behaviors:

    ~ Joining and asking for many things right away is not a good first impression - we don't allow takers in the nh
    ~ Raiding shops (ie - taking everything from a neighbor's shop and not sharing) is not allowed
    ~ Constantly asking for BEM, SEM, LEM, or other premium materials is not allowed
    ~ Players who "Suck us dry" and constantly trade the items they receive outside the nh will not be tolerated. Only reason for this is that your nh is not to be used as your supply of extra items for outside trade
    [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]
    ~ Becoming inactive without warning or not chatting over time will usually be cause for removal.

    Do we want everyone to trade as often as possible? Of Course!
    Do we want people to get great help expanding their farm? Of Course!

    What we don't want are neighbors who take advantage of everyone else
    [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]

    If you want a neighborhood where you will be able to help and get help in return, chat with great friends, and feel like you belong and have found your forever home, please come see us at CasterlyRock!

    Casterly Rock - Blue Goat with a Red Shield
    Tag #2ROPOJLV
    Leader: Keeper of the Goats (Me)
    [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]

    Kik me if you have any questions before joining [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image002.png[/IMG] Cheshirealice88

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    Hi we at "Genuine Gamers with Heart" are a relaxed bunch looking for additional mid-age 40' - 50's (and older!) gals and guys who want to enjoy playing HayDay and the derby's but to also enjoy friendships bloom and be a laid back, relaxing time. We're very socialable but not seriously competitive. Who am I kidding YES we're competitive but within reason! Some neighborhoods get way too emotional and MUST WIN! We are not that way for the derby then isn't enjoyable.

    What we a can GUARANTEE is DRAMA FREE! Life has enough drama, we want you to come and take your mind off things, sit back, and be taken away to your beloved farm and be with your neighbors. Come on over and join no request needed. For now our door is open and we'd love you to join us!

    WE WOULD LOVE OTHER COUNTRIES TO JOIN TOO! As long as you speak English, that is great!

    Require that you're above the 25 or Above Farming Level. The higher the better but we understand you have the new neighbors looking for hospitality too!

    We do the Derby at tasks above 300. Prefer members to play but if you don't want to that's okay too! We just ask if you can help when the derby players need it just like playing regular farming.

    We work hard to keep our neighborhood taken care of stock selling to each other but hold our friendships very dearly. Don't worry of what Country you live, as long as you speak English that works for us! If you feel you're like us, please join us. We'd love to have you.

    Just type neighborhood name : Genuine Gamers with Heart
    our symbol is the Yellow Nautical Wheel with Blue circle background

    Co leader and I have been on HayDay since 2013 and we know how to play the fun game and we've decided to finally start our own neighborhood and take all we've learned from our good and bad experiences to make ours the most enjoyable!

    So please, come on over and join! We'd love to meet you!

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    Join Paradise Journey! It has a red fox on a blue badge and we meet your stated requirements!

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