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Thread: Tired of the war mismatches, any adult farm clans left?

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    Tired of the war mismatches, any adult farm clans left?

    3 year player simply tired of war mismatches, engineered clans and .5 strategies. Looking for an active adult farm clan where I can push cups, finish walls and give/receive quick donations along with enjoyable chat. Are there any left?
    TH11 L160

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    we defo farm. We have a mix of all. Am sure we could provide what you want. War is optional. Just finished push so perfect timing
    Experienced clan leader. TH12. Line: MeekeeBoy
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    well not exactly the one you are looking for but u can sit out of wars and just push trophies in our clan. Check us out:
    COC: Lvl 125, th9.5, BK:20 AQ:35/ defense: maxed out all at th9 lvl/ walls: half walls done to lvl 10
    Leader of lvl 5 clan War Heros...Check us out:
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    Adults ! World

    Hi Captn,

    We think we are a good fit for you, i hope you consider us.
    We are an active hybrid farm and war group of adults from all over the world. We currently war twice a week, always optional. Farming and day to day activity is our main focus.
    Please click on the attachment below to visit our website, there you will find our clan information, like rules, how to join, war log, members list and location, etc.
    Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

    - Clan Name: Adults ! World - Tag: 2QPQULCJ - Level: 8
    - Adults Worldwide Hybrid (Farm/War) Clan, no rushed bases, one account per player.
    - Members: 45/50 (8 TH11, 14 TH10, 22 TH9, 1 TH8). We can make more room...
    - War: Twice a week (Tue/Fri), optional participation. We participate in Fair Play Arranged Wars/Potluck sometimes.
    - Donations: 250 donations and requests a week, 2x ratio up or down. (thats 1 cc per day only)
    - Off game & War communication: Facebook Group and Messenger
    - Clash Royale clan also for members

    Thanks you for considering us, we look forward to hearing back from you.


    IGN: Citibunni - TH 11 - Level 171
    Coleader of "Adults ! World" - #2QPQULCJ

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    Hey there!
    Consider joining newly made clan called
    "Uber Unicrest"

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    Swimming in your DE tank!!

    Would you like to join a FARMING CLAN of OLDER ADULTS?

    Hi Captn,

    I lead a clan of old fogeys - mostly retired military men, active service firefighters and paramedics, some civvies in the mix as well.

    HL Warrior is lvl6 despite being 3 years old as we are primarily a FARMING clan with just the occasional war. We have a mostly green war log.

    We're friendly, chatty and the lads fight to donate! Very real sense of camaraderie in the clan, quite a bit of tomfoolery too!

    We're mostly mid 30s to early 60s.

    Like what you read and would like to progress this further? Drop me a PM or email me at

    I hope you find a good home soon.

    Kind regards,


    | Tai | Leader | Clan: HL WARRIOR | Level: 211 | Town Hall: 12 |
    | Friend in Need: 412K+ | GG & EE: 2billion+ ​| FULL PEARLY WHITES
    |BK55 AQ56 GW23 |

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    We are a family clan who loves to war. However, anyone interested in just base building is welcome. Zero pressure.
    I know. Not exactly a name to install fear, but I love my son and started the clan for him.

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    hi captn!

    our clan is dailyadultelite. we farm, we war and pushing is encouraged. we are a clan for adults. don't want to war, simply make your shield red. I am a co for the clan. have been leader at times. to give you a 'for instance', I am th10. was taking my royals L25-30 in one run. stopped yesterday when they reached 28, as sort of backed into a push. hit champs 1 today. my shield has been red for the past 3 weeks. in the meantime some of our members have put together two 4 win streaks. 1 loss. donations are solid here and what is requested. farming replays are posted at all hours.

    if you want to stop by and see if we are a fit, feel free. hope to see you there.

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