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    Question Clash Off: Wizard v. Witch

    Okay Chief, itís time for another CLASH OFF! This edition is brought to you by the letter "W."

    So, we gotta know: Wizard or Witch? Channel your innermost fanboy and and tell us which is better and why - you could win 1000 gems.

    We'll announce the winner tomorrow! Get 'er done

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    Does it matter?
    I call this one: superskeleton

    There once was a wizard from my village.
    Every day I would take him to pillage.
    Then the witch came along.
    And played him a song.
    And now he works as a skeleton.

    limericks FTW!!
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    No match.

    Witches hands down: They are idealized, intimidatingly witty, stylish, beautiful, and professionally accomplished. Plus they can raise the dead and are always the life of the party. The more the merrier is their motto and are unstoppable until the early morning.

    Compare that to Wizards: Sure they can shoot fireballs from their hands and have pretty awesome lumberjack beards but they always exit the party early and would rather spend time by themselves on top of their own mountains.

    I rest my case.
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    I like wizards.

    I'll take my gems now. Thank you. /thread

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    I like the witch more than the wizard for these reasons.

    - The witch can spawn troops
    - The witch fires a destructive bolt along with the ability to spawn skeletons
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    The witch is better because she sends her dead slaves into battle while she sits back and sips her tea.

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    What kind of question is that? Why the witch ofcourse!

    Sure, the Wizard acts tough and looks tough shooting out his spells, but the witch can shoot spells AND call upon the forces of the undead. She is such a badass that even the wizard has to kneel before her for a second chance at life. And that staff, don't even get me started. The wizard simply seems like an apprentice without a staff.
    Bow down to the Witch simpletons.... Simply bow down.

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    they looks so awesome :P have best looking in CoC, in my eyes :P
    and strong > dish out nice damage

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    Witch is better

    I think the witch is better because she has both ranged and melee attack. Also is you send a mob of witches, the skeletons and the witch can overwhelm a base. All the wizards have in ranged and can't really overwhelm a base.

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    W Who is better

    I think witch is better for higher trophy count and in large numbers they spawn a lot of aditional troops.

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