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Thread: Farm base neeeded please.

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    Farm base neeeded please.

    I am looking for a town-hall 11 farming base and i haven't found any good or up-to-date base which protects all resources. A base which is not weak to air or ground. The artillery shouldn't be on the same side as the townhall. Or is there no base like this which can protect my resources in champ league? i am mostly getting obliterated probably because i was a 10.5 and now turning into a full fledged 11. But anyway i haven't found any good base which could effectively protect all my resources. If anyone here has any farming base for town-hall 11 which could work in champs please do share or a max dark protection base.It would be really appreciated if anyone could design/share a base if its present... or maybe i am just day dreaming that a base like this does exist....?

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    Have you checked these:

    You might find something of interest.
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    You won't find any base that protects all of your storages, it's impossible. Your best bet is to spread then out, 2 per corner (but set in so that can't be sniped). Most attacks will only take out one side so you'll always lose 4 storages.

    Keep DE in the middle, hard to funnel. Here's my current farming base with a few end of attack screen shots from very average attackers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unfettered View Post
    Have you checked these:

    You might find something of interest.
    yes i saw them but most of them don't utilize the new wall pieces. Thanks!

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    Yes i guess you are right, this base looks nice, i will give it a go! Thank you for replying
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