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Thread: Can I (René, lvl 136) be part of your Hay Day family?

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    Looking for fun strong players! Would u b interested in trying a group of 30? We are friendly and help each other. We used to be. Ranked 33 in the world 10!taskbtequired

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    Oct 2014
    Super derby oriented hood! We've been up & down on the top 200 global leaderboard due to reliability of some players which is why we do all ten tasks whether needed or not for the win.
    Looking for friendly, helpful, and self sufficient players who love winning gold. We're super friendly and helpful but stay free of a bunch of beggars. Neighborhood donations are not Tom 😃
    We're sometimes quite chatty but mostly very laid back while everyone does their own thing. Someone is always around if help is needed tough.

    Check us out if you'd like to join an awesome hood! We thrive on winning and moving back up to the best of the best. 😃 English speaking

    64 gold 20 silver 3 bronze
    Just name: Kitties
    Tag: Y9CGQR

    Kik at drizzleJnizzle

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    Whosville Acres looking for new members

    We are in Champion League with many Gold Trophies and looking for some new members to join our neighborhood. We are an established group with active players that participate in derby and help with expansion. We ask that you do 9 tasks x 310 if you are in derby or a total of 2790 points. Derby is not mandatory but you must opt out if you do not wish to participate. The 10th task is not required. Members need to be active in chat, friendly and helpful. Level 60 is required. We are an International English speaking group. Members are made Elders.
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    Sent you a pm.

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    Melbourne, Australia
    See my post to you below, our vacancy is OPEN now. Come on down

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    Hi, sorry to hear about your son.

    Please look at our website to see if we're for you:

    alternatively you can Kik me ��
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    Rene - you are perfect for our Derby Outlaw family - we will be thrilled to have you join our loving team.

    * DERBY OUTLAWS - During derby when members have a "helps" task often we will flag for revive help. These are for those with helps task only. Thx

    DERBY CRAZY - HAYDAY ADDICTED- Friendly & helpful
    *The name of our champions league NH is Derby Outlaws
    *Symbol = yellow round saw blade with a purple horse
    *Tag #8RQ9JG9Q

    You sound like you will fit right in with our family
    We are a chatty group - wall flowers won't fit in here.
    Request to join soon so we can Derby together soon.

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    Lovecats2, green circle/red mouse, 20YLVYCJ.

    Hi, Rene. Thank you for sharing your story. Life can be so sad sometimes. In our neighborhood there are members who share their trials with the group and find support and understanding. We are not a neighborhood solely focused on the game; the people are what it is all about.

    Let me tell you a little more about our neighborhood.

    Lovecats2 is an original international neighborhood of 27 adults with high level members up to level 164. Top 16 players are over 100. We are a team of seasoned players who help and care about one another, chat, and share. There is a Telegram account associated with our group where players can share recipes, photos, stories, whatever. We also have a Pinterest board. This is a well looked after no-drama no-stress neighborhood of genuinely nice people with a focus on making the game more enjoyable for us all.

    Some members are chatty, some not at all, but whichever the preference, all must check chat to see what is happening in the game and so they can help, thank others for help, and respond.

    We are in the Champs league in the derby and place every week, frequently taking gold. That said, we are not derby focused as much as neighborhood focused; we enjoy the opportunity to help one another and work as a team that the derby provides. Anyone can opt out, but if a player is opted in we expect them to complete 9 tasks at the required level.

    If this sounds interesting, please check us out. I hope to hear from you.

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    Hi Rene,

    I'd like to interest you in Alison's Best because we have most of what you are looking for. All that's missing is that we are nine members and growing. We are friendly and love the game. Vacation with us for a week and check us out.

    TAG: #99GYLP8P

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    First so sorry for your loss and welcome back to the game

    Sent u a PM I included my FB info I don't use Kik

    you would be a great fit to our hay day family
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