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Thread: Enjoy clan - Relaxed Canadian based - constant war level 9 clan

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    Red face Enjoy clan - Relaxed Canadian based - constant war level 9 clan

    Welcome to Enjoy clan . #Q8LVY9V Level 9 mature (about 2 months away from level 10) but easy going constant war clan.

    • 6 - TH11's constant donators (over 100k donations in a season)
      • All max troops/spells available

    • We currently have a desperate need for TH10 good players but will accept anyone at this time
    • Offer tips and training for anyone willing to learn
    • Base design if you need
    • Looking for good members for co and elder status
      • Will not be given out immediately, have to establish loyalty and membership

    • Must use both attacks in war
    • Constant gem gifts around (while they are available)
    • Great member base mostly north american but actively looking for euro players to either co or merge with another clan or run the night shift while the north american players are away
    • Just try us out - will be doing regular giveaways for google play/ itunes gift cards for top recruiters

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    Starting new war tonight!

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    All members welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCR3333 View Post
    All members welcome!
    Enjoy Clan

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    New War starts tonight!

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    Still looking for good TH10s but anyone TH8 and up are welcome!

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    starting new war tonight!

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