Avoid long compartments and channels

Most people know not to have long compartments in their bases especially through or near the core. This can give the attacker's troops access to large portions of the base. This is especially true for bowlers which have a long range due to the bouncing rocks. This also applies to dead zone channels. Just because it's a dead zone, doesn't mean troops won't jump into it.

Base from a random war but I've also seen the same concept in bases from our CWL wars.

These channels can give troops access to large portions of the base. A kill squad can get a lot of value with the correct entry. A simple solution is to close off the channels so troops can't walk through the whole base.

Bonus base dissection

From the Geek Quebec war, I attacked this base with a fresh hit. Here's the plan for a gobolaloon

The channel provides access to my troops from one side of the base to the other. I can enter by the wiz farm, jump the channel and walk my troops up to the AQ who will also jump into the channel. Along the way, I can could get at least 2 ADs if not all 4 depending on my bowlers and AQ. Look at all the defenses to the left and right of the channel and compartments I can open with one jump, it's almost the whole base. A simple remedy is to cut the channel off. If there was two wall pieces that cut off the CC, it would make the attack that much harder. Here's the video of my attack.

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