The Clan started in Jan 2017 with mlg gaming and grew to a family of 1 clan catering to players at different stages of the game. We grow very fast in the second day 20 players. We appreciate all the support we get to grow Clashy Orcs.

We have a diverse mix of players coming from all places around the world, of different ages and genders. The Clash Orcs Clan is a place where players can come and hangout and learn about the art of Clashing.

We Offer

~ Friendly, active and supportive clan communitiee
~ Organized, well-run clan wars with clear-cut rules ~ farming & warring tactics, base build plans.

Clashy Orcs is the war clan of the Clans. We have constant wars going on war, and are looking for serious players who have a passion for success and improvements in clan war. We want members who can 3 star players their own level, and you are expected to do the same, or be very active in trying to learn the different ways to do so.

Clash Orcs Requirements:
(Atleast Town hall 4)
For TH8.5-8.9s (TH 9 that does have x-bows(:
Barbarian King 10+ & Archer Queen 5+
Barch 5+
Wizard 5
Hogs 5 or Balloons 6
Golem 3+
Witches and Hounds unlocked
Clan Castle Level 5
4 Army Camps Level 7
Completed Level 8 walls TH8 maxed defenses

You need at least one upgraded TH9 war comp.

For TH9s:
X-Bow level 1: Combined Heroes 20+
X-Bow level 2: Combined Heroes 25+
X-Bow level 3: Combined Heroes 30+
Barch 5+
Balloon 6
Wizard 5
Hounds 2
Hogs 5
Golem 4
Completed all Level 8 walls and good start on level 9 (level 10 even better)

For TH9.5-9.9s (TH10 that does not have infernos) & TH10s:
Combined heroes 40+
Barch 6+
Wizard 5+
Golem 4+
Witch 2
Completed all Level 9 walls and TH9 maxed defenses.

For TH10:
Inferno level 1: Combined hero 50+
Barch 6+
Wizard 6
Golem 5
Completed all Level 9 walls and TH9 maxed defenses

TH10 that have all buildings and infernos will be put on a two week probation period and must war for those two weeks. You will need to consistently two star TH10 and three star maxed TH9 in order to stay in clan.
We keep performance records for all establish Town Hall level clan members.

We are open now but later we will do invite only and you will have to reply and answer these questions.

Please copy the following form and fill out the requested information in your post:

IGN (In-Game Name):
In-Game XP Level:
Townhall level:
Barch levels:
Wizard level:
Levels of heroes(King/Queen):
Balloon level:
Healer level:
Dragon level:
Hog level:
Pekka level:
Golem level:
Witch level:
Hound level:
Clan Castle level:
Inferno level:
X-Bow level:
Wall Level(s) and number of walls completed:

How confident are you in your ability to 3 star players your own level?
Do you wish to war?
Do you wish only to farm?

We hope to see you here soon