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    'Breaking the Barriers for Love' contest..

    Contest Terms and Conditions

    Welcome to the very first contest that crosses the borders of all the Supercell games!

    We want you to

    Create Your Own


    Using Clash, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day images.


    1) There are 4 games so we will allow UP TO 4 entries per person. It's up to you how you use them. You can feature only your favorite game. Or you can mix them all up and go crazy. You create whatever you want to create. (The above images are featuring each game separately just for fun and to include all games equally and are in no way intended to be an example of how or what you create)

    2) You have up to 4 entries. You can post only one or up to four in one game...or one in each game's thread, or three in one game and one in another....however you want to do it. But all winners will receive the game currency of the game they win in. So if you don't play a game, do not post in their thread. There will be no exchanging of prizes.

    3) Each entry can only be submitted one time and must feature the game it is posted in predominately. It is okay to use any images or characters from other games mixed in...but it must be clear that your entry is for the game that you are posting it in.

    4) All entries must be posted by the end of day, on February 14th. (Pacific time zone) Winners will be announced the following week.

    5) Moderators and Staff are not eligible to win any prizes. But at the end of the contest, we will open a poll and let you vote on your favorites out of the mods and staff who participate.

    6) GASP's are not included in the voting process and are therefore eligible to participate in the contest. (Yes, even you, Fette )

    7) Nothing vulgar, mean or against forum rules.

    8) No reserving posts. All posts saying "reserved for future use", or anything like that, will be removed.

    *As this is the first time running a contest including all games, rules may be added or changed as needed.


    There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in EACH game. There will also be one overall grand prize winner. The prizes will be equal in value across the games. If you were to purchase $5 (random amount) in any of the 4 games, you would get different amounts of game currency. So if you see one game get 1200 gems and one get 500 diamonds, and so on...just remember that they are all of equal value across the board.

    Since some of the prizes may include some Supercell SWAG, if you happen to win, we will be asking for your addresses. They will be held in the strictest of confidence, but if you are not comfortable giving out that information, you might not want to enter.

    There is no swapping of prizes. If you win in the Hay Day forum, you will receive Hay Day game currency. (Diamonds) You cannot say that you play Clash Royale too and ask if you can switch the winnings to CR game currency. (Gems) You're stuck with the prize for that forum's make sure you are posting in the correct area.

    Judging will not be based on who gives us the most professional looking ones. We want to see your creativity and are open to all levels of ability.

    Prizes will be announced when the winners are chosen. But they will definitely be worth trying for! They may or may not include....

    • An ill fitting Hawaiian shirt from smolson...slightly worn. (Offered up by the man himself).
    • A romantic date with LachNessMeownster...only available on June 31st.
    • From sneakymaori...the splintered remains of the last stick that tried to poke the bear...hand still attached.
    • A scratched pair of neon sunglasses from Nick.
    • Holps drew his pistols on me when I asked for the hat...but I talked him into letting go of an old boot.
    • A half eaten apple from Rlight.
    • A partially filled in puzzle book from meonhoc where she wrote 'kitten' for every answer.
    • 3 one hour classes from Kolonistje1 where she will teach you how to properly pronounce her forum name.
    • One of twister's failed pumpkin pies.
    • 6 pieces of gum from ilovehayday....only slightly chewed.
    • A used tissue from Marika.
    • A clock that is stuck on 6:21 from Bakunin. (It's right twice a day!)
    • One of alexheney's old toothbrushes.
    • Nail clippings from AxionXd.
    • One kitty sock from Anoushka with a tiny hole in it.
    • A random can of food from Tim.
    • A used butterfly sticker from me...but don't worry...I will peel it off very carefully.
    • And from his own words....

    • "10 grains of actual, high quality Atlantic Ocean beach sand. Don't be fooled by artificial sand. This is the real stuff. Silica-based with a proprietary blend of quartz and feldspar. Enjoy a day at the beach from the comforts of your living room. Why expose yourself to ultraviolet radiation and pesky seagulls? Kid recommended, mother approved."

    So there you have it! It's time to get cross cultural (game wise) and get creative! Show us what you've got and have a whole bunch of fun with it! We're excited to see what you all can come up with! And we encourage all of you to check out the other game forums General sections to see all of the fun entries!

    I want to personally thank Evertonjeff for creating the top two valentines for me. He made them absolutely incredible! He definitely deserves an honorable mention and maybe a little bit of SWAG for working so hard.

    I would also like to thank Smolson who did the bottom two valentines. He also has gone out of his way to create a guide for any of you who are like me, and know nothing about how to make these things. It's easier than I had feared. So I expect everyone to give it a shot....even if you think you don't know how. Just follow along below.

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