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Thread: Killercheese`s signature shop returns again!

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    Hey Bud,

    can you make me one?

    I would like to have the name Magnus in the middle
    My personal tag: #YYJJCVOP
    A pekka on the left side like his face maybe like sideways
    A Wizard on the right side that is making a fireball.
    And on the background a Edragon Who is making some lighting.

    If there is something you cant make just let me know

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    Obscure references aren't for everyone
    Magnus LUCA has requested a signature from me via PM.

    most of the shops follow the rule that you should not request from more than one shop at a time

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    Hey guys, awesome work you are doing!!!

    Can I get one as well please!!

    Can I please get level 13 walls across the bottom which cover 1/2 the signature.

    Can I then get 2 hog rider, one on the left and one the right with their hammers in the air jumping over the walls. They will facing away from the viewer.
    Behind the wall can I get 2 archer towers one on the inside left and one on the inside right, next to the hog riders but behind the wall.

    Finally can I get a TH13 will an active giga tesla in the middle, behind the wall, and my in game name 'HAMMY' along the bottom in shadowy black. Plus my game tag just underneath that, in smaller writing, which is "#JVLVVQ09"

    If this is too hard let me know, I will redact my idea.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hey there Cheese, I would like some cheese along side some designs please.

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