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Thread: [ASK] For 55,000 gold, should a F2P switch MiniPekka9 for Lumberjack2?

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    Question [ASK] For 55,000 gold, should a F2P switch MiniPekka9 for Lumberjack2?

    I'm hoping the community can help me decide.
    At 4200 cups, I run the following deck:

    I will be the first to say, this is not a great deck in this meta, but since I am F2P I can't afford the coins to upgrade the Meta cards every time SC pushes a balance change or new unit. That is OK.

    The advice I am seeking: Within the constraints of my deck, would you spend 55k coins to swap out MiniPekka9 with Lumberjack2?

    My MiniPekka Usage:
    In terms of how I use MiniPekka, he is my main defense to Giant/Golem.
    I also use him in combinations with Ice Wiz/Log to mitigate Elite Barbs (not great).
    MiniPekka is also used in a Tank and Spank scenario with Tesla to clear Sparky without tower damage.
    My MiniPekka often tanks archer shots or a couple Megaminion swipes while I am defending, so it is kinda good that he has 1272HP.
    If my MiniPekka lives on defense, it typically must be addressed by my opponent which helps me to create elixir profits with something like IceWiz.

    I have 55k coins saved up for my next troop upgrade, but today, there is Lumberjack in the store.
    I have Lumberjack1 but since my Minipekka is 9 I dont use Jack atm.
    But I could buy and upgrade Jack to level 2 to try this out.

    I like the concept of Jack, but I think that since I use that slot for defense and often let the Minipekka just die after the defense effort, that Jack's Rage proc wouldn't be as useful as the dps and hp of MiniPekka.

    Can anyone give me advice?
    tl;dr, should I spend 55k coins to swap out MiniPekka9 with Lumberjack2?

    Thanks so much
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    No. You'll regret it 100%.

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    Mini Pekka is a lot better on defense, with higher health and better damage. However, lumberjack has a higher hit speed, faster move speed, and a rage effect. This means mini pekka is better against tanks and mini tanks, while LJ is better against swarm-type units, such as witch and skeleton army. His fast hit speed allows him to take out troops he can 1-shot faster, and his rage will help your other troops and tower to kill as many units as possible within a small amount of time.
    LJ also works better against graveyard, thanks to his very fast move speed and high hit speed.

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    I also have the same dilemma, actually I don't have the lumberjack but I am planning to buy it when it appears on the shop. Currently I am using minipekka, hog, princess, freeze, zap, minion, goblin and ice spirit.

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    Keep MP9 for sure, but I like to have zap in the deck, sometimes zap for an extra MP swing is all you need to win.

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    No you will regret it. Switch to Elite Barbs instead

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    As a F2P you should stay with the Mini Pekka as lumberjack is not worth it and is not a viable card, also a Lvl 9 mini Pekka is better then a Lvl 2 lumberjack. You should use that gold to buy a legendary you might not have or upgrade your current deck.

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    By no means. Firstly, a level 9 Mini Pekka is equivalent to a level 3 Lumberjack, so due to levels alone it's already out of the question. Moreover, Mini Pekka is too good of a defensive card to switch for the Lumberjack. Sure LJ is better offensively, but since you use Mini Pekka defensively it doesn't matter. And you shouldn't let all that time you spent requesting MPs go to waste.
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    No, Mini PEKKA has a secret to what makes it better.
    Mini PEKKA has a slow hit speed, but it does a lot of damage. And it's first hit is INSTANT. Let's take this a little more complicated for what I know.

    Mini PEKKA at tournament standards does 520 damage per swing and 288 damage per second.
    Lumberjack at tournament standards does 200 damage per swing and 285 damage per second.
    This is about the same damage per second, but it is not the case for what I said before.
    We can plot this on a graph using slope-intercept form, but first let us define our variables.
    x= seconds passed
    y= damage done

    Mini PEKKA: y=288x+520
    Lumberjack: y=285x+200

    Now let's plug in some numbers for x, and find out y, the damage done.

    x=0 (This means that 0 seconds have passed since it has started doing damage to the troop/building/arena tower. Of course, x>0 but we'll just say it's 0 for the sake of this)
    Mini PEKKA: y= 520
    Lumberjack: y=200
    Ah, the Mini PEKKA does more damage!
    Let's try another amount.

    x=1 (This means 1 second has passed since it has started doign damage to the troop/building/arena tower.)
    Mini PEKKA: y= 808
    Lumberjack: y= 485

    And this keeps going on, with the Mini PEKKA being slightly better then the lumberjack by around 320 more damage, and keeps going even more with it's damage per second 3 greater than of the lumberjack's (but that does not matter as much, since they won't be living very long in the arena to be doing that much damage).

    I hope this helped you understand more. This is the reason why the Mini PEKKA is normally better, and it's kind of hidden, even in all troops! Lumberjack would normally be considered better, since they both have around the same health and damage per second (which we now know is not what we thought it was), and lumberjack has benefits like it's speed and it's rage.

    This fooled me at first. I was always thinking that the lumberjack would be a better replacement overall until I realized this. However, this does not mean the lumberjack has no use. It is faster and does have it's rage spell, and its faster hitspeed can sometimes be used to destroy things, like guards.

    Hope you enjoyed, I wasted some of my life typing this!
    Post "Walruses are awesome" to me if you found this hidden message!

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    LJ is much more versatile than mini pekka.

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