View Poll Results: Should I spend 55k coins to swap MiniPekka9 for Lumberjack2

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    14 77.78%
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Thread: [ASK] For 55,000 gold, should a F2P switch MiniPekka9 for Lumberjack2?

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    keep the minipekka, if he is your main defense then dont switch it because later on you will have trouble dealing against a tank if your opponent sends you one. also if by some reason minipekka reaches the tower that will be a massive damage if it is only one hit compared to lumberjack

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    Thanks guys, I stayed with MP9

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    What is FB ?I can't remember what it is
    Hog is balanced, not op

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    Quote Originally Posted by AhogUser View Post
    What is FB ?I can't remember what it is

    Hope that helps

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    Lumberjack v Mini Pekka alone is a close call. Factoring in that 55k gold (wouldn't it be 45k?) is definitely not worth it.

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    I got lj level 2 from chests, but i still dont think it's good

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