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Thread: New Arena- Undead Arena

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    Post New Arena- Undead Arena

    This Arena would be between Arena 7 and Arena 8, Mist would be the river, there would be a crushed bone walkway. There would be Coffin seats surround the Arena, there are dead trees everywhere.

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    This would be cool, I rate it. but could you state how many trophies you need to achieve this Arena?

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    Koff koff bone pit koff koff

    But seriously, they already have a skeleton themed arena, i don't think they want another
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    This one's more graveyard themed than desert-y, but skeletons are kind of all up in the arena rn...maybe change the bridges?

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    I have to agree. we already have one skele arena and we don't what or need another

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    Bone pit

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevetopop20 View Post
    I have to agree. we already have one skele arena and we don't what or need another
    We all know Supercell loves their skeletons

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