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Thread: The most fundamental question in Boom Beach strategy

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    The most fundamental question in Boom Beach strategy

    How do you tell time?


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    Water is always at 6:00
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    As ex military I can say that 12 o'clock is directly in front of you. On a technology device, 12 oclock is the top of the device. 12 oclock is relative to the device orientation, not the view orientation.
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    Top of screen is always 12, just avoids confusion

    Unless you're Boa and you put 2.30 and confuses the hell outta me
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    what they said, common sense, i do not lay the clock ♥♥♥♥eyed on the wall
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    Just depends on what TF you are in. I personally prefer the HQ as a clock instead of using wherever landing is as 6.

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    Beach is always at 6, but A works as well
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    We use this.

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    6 is beach.

    tho in the last TF it depended on who was writing them. Some did the beach... some did the clock... some decided to vary depending on the base....
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    I like option B but everyone in the angry family uses A, I can use both but B makes so much more sense to me.
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