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Thread: Level 9 back to back war clan currently recruiting

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    Level 9 back to back war clan currently recruiting

    Vipers are a level 9, very successful, war winning, very active, respectful, back to back war clan.


    Active 24/7 - Based mostly in UK, USA, Australia, Canada.

    We are looking for members who care about what clan they join. We want players who want to be part of a team. And it’s a great team to be a part of. Because of that, we are quite picky, as we should be…

    Want to know if you would fit us and we would fit you? Check out the info below

    Who are Vipers? What is the clan like?

    Vipers are an adult back to back war clan, with most members based in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Members are generally aged 18-40.

    We have a very solid core of about 30 members, all of which are very strong for their particular levels. We are very picky about who we take in and, more to the point, who stays. That being said, just being a decent human being goes a very long way with us.

    We war back to back, and we war well. We currently have 40 wins in the last 50 on the war log. We use a variety of strategies and are always learning new ways to attack. However, we always strive to 3-star attackers.

    We are a respectful group of male and female players, and we expect that same respect from all of our members. The opinions of all members are always taken on board, and if you know your stuff, we don't care what level you are.

    Surely you recruit constantly? Why the recruitment push now?

    We only actively recruiting when we are looking to expand our solid group of members. Sure we take in the odd new member now and then, but we only actively recruit for short periods of time.

    Who are we recruiting?

    Non-rushed, decent human beings. TH7+

    Why join us?

    We best suit players who are mature, have a sense of humour, love to war and take war seriously (to an extent, will still like to enjoy the game and don't want things to get TOO serious). We just enjoy playing, and we enjoy winning. A lot.

    Our clan chat isn't exclusively for clan/war stuff, often we end up talking about all sorts of random stuff. We have a good friendly atmosphere.


    Fit all of the above? It's all reasonable stuff, but in this game only a few do fit, there are a lot of nutters about. I told you we were picky...

    If you fit in, mention that you saw Jimmy's post on the forum. Also, be prepared to share a replay ASAP. We're often in war and check replays so that we can see a members last clan, to prevent spies as much as possible.

    And no matter how many fancy war stars you have, we need to know you can handle yourself right now, updates are constant and players need to be able to adapt. So be prepared to show us some solid friendly attacks. We don't need to see 3 stars first time, just need to see that you know what you're doing in your attacking strategy.


    PS: If you want to see what we're about, I started a thread back when this clan was brand new, it's proven pretty popular and even a year later still hovers around the 1st page in forums - Gives you a lot of info about me and the clan itself.

    Feel free to check it out -
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    Level 9 war clan
    Putting red lines in logs since Nov '15
    How it all began:

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    bump thread
    def maxed(except walls) GW 20 AQ 45 BK 34 and moving up.
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    Still looking for 1 or 2 solid, reliable members

    Level 9 war clan
    Putting red lines in logs since Nov '15
    How it all began:

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