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    Friend Book Guide - from players to players

    Friend Book Guide
    From players to players

    This thread is a collection of community knowledge based on player's experience. It's a guide from one player to another player, aiming to cover as many questions as possible one may have about the Friend Book. If you don't get your answer here, add your question by replying to this thread, maybe someone else can answer.

    Guide's changelog
    - 01 Jan 2017: first issue, based on Hay Day version from December 2016
    - 07 Jan 2017: added community FAQ to post #2
    - 01 April 2017 : Max in-game friends is changed from 100 to 150 (March 2017 update, not listed in release note)
    - 25 May 2019 : Max in-game friends is now 250 (June 2018 update, release note)

    I. About the Friend Book
    The in-game friend system was introduced during December 2016 update (release note). Player can access the following features via a Friend Book that is located on the friends-bar.

    New possibility to add in-game friends.
    Share your unique player tag with others.
    Search other players using their tag to add friends.
    Easily manage all your in-game and social media friends, including all your followers.
    Customize your friend list through new hide and block functions.

    Current settings of the in-game friend system:
    At launch, max in-game friends is 100 and 50 pending requests (Supercell can change these at any time if there's a need for it)
    You can turn off receiving new friend requests from the Friend Book settings
    You can hide Facebook and Game Center friends from the Friend Book so they won't show up in your friends-bar
    You can also remove and block followers (block is 30 days) from the Friend Book
    Each player gets a unique # tag, which you can freely give to your friends, share on social media etc. so they can add you

    II. Before getting further

    Different border colour of farm avatar
    You may have already figured out, there is a meaning for each colour you can see when browsing your friends-bar. By default, all players avatar has a yellow border, your friends (FB/GC/in-game) and your followers also have a yellow border. After you followed a farm, it changes to blue border. When you are in the same neighborhood with a farm, the border becomes green.

    Who can visit my farm?
    When you open Hay Day, from your own farm, you can visit different farms from different circles: your neighbors, your friends, your followers, your last helpers, farms on leader boards... but only a few of them can visit you back.
    In the picture below, the arrow direction and colour represent the relationship between your farm (home icon) and other farm in these circles.
    Farm can visit you: your in-game friend, your Game Center friend, your Facebook friend, your neighbour, farm you followed, your follower
    Farm cannot visit you: farm you find via your global boat leader board, your last helpers, farm from your Daily Dirt, farm from your event board.

    Tip: one farm can be in multiple circles at the same time (follower + followed by you + Facebook friend + Game Center friend + in-game friend + last helper...). As long as the farm is in a circle that allows them to get to your farm, the player can always visit you.

    III. Friend Book - step by step

    Can I receive friend request?
    First of all, make sure other farmer can send you friend request. Open the friends-bar (friend icon at bottom right of the screen), tap on the Friend Book (left of Greg) and access its settings. Make sure the check is marked. In some case you might want to stop people from sending you a friend request, simply uncheck this line. You will still be able to send friend request to other farmers.

    Tip: when you have pending request, a red notification shows up on the friend icon.

    How do I add in-game friends?
    In-game friend system is an addition to current friend system via Facebook and Game Center. To send a farmer a friend request, you need either the farm's tag (that the farmer will give you) or to be able to visit the farm if you don't know the farm tag.

    First possibility: I am able to visit a farmer named Chook. I notice a "+" button near the farm name. Tapping on it will send Chook a friend request. A pop up appears asking for confirmation then a feedback message appears to let me know the status.
    Friend request sent: Chook now has a pending request from me.
    Already sent a request to this player: Chook has a pending request from me, I cannot send another request.
    This player has blocked your request: Chook has blocked me, I am on Chook's Blocked farms list and cannot send request.
    Player is not receiving friend request at the moment: Chook has turned off the settings for friend request, no one can send request.
    You have blocked this player. Unblock before sending a request: Chook is on my Blocked farms list, I cannot send request.

    Second possibility: Chook gave me the farm tag #FRIENDTAG, I use it to search and send Chook a request. I tap on the Friend Book icon, the Requests tab is open. This is where I can find my own tag (that I would give to other farmers). I enter the farm tag Chook gave me in the field and tap on the "Search" button then "Add friend" button. Similar feedback message appears here as well.

    Any farm can be searched
    , including my own farm
    You can send friend request to your FB/GC friends even if you don't have the "+" button when you visit their farm.
    The capital letter "O" and the number zero "0" are interchangeable, you can use either of them in the tag.
    If you have a pending request from Chook, sending a friend request to Chook is considered as accepting Chook's request.

    Let's have a closer look at different tabs in the Friend Book.
    What does the Requests tab show?
    This is where you can find your own farm tag #YOURTAG and search for a farm knowing the farm tag. You cannot visit the farm from here.

    The incoming requests list shows the pending friend request(s) you received.
    Accept: you become in-game friends with the other farmer and both of you are listed on each other's Friend Farms list (see In-game friends tab)
    Decline: remove the pending request from the list
    Block: remove the pending request from the list and add the farmer to Blocked farm list (see In-game friends tab).

    The outgoing requests list shows you all your sent requests to other farmers that are still pending in their list.
    Cancel: remove your request from the other farmer's incoming requests list.

    What does the In-game friends tab show?
    The Friend farms list is where you find your in-game friends, those are the friends who will always show up in your friends-bar regardless of your connection to FB/GC. This is very handy when you experience trouble with FB or GC. Tap on the farm name twice to visit the farm. At anytime you can manage this list as you see fit.
    Remove: remove the farm from the list. Both of you no longer appear on each other's Friend farms list.
    Block: same as Remove but also add the farmer to Blocked farm list.
    Tip: If you remove FB/GC friends, the farm will appear again in Social Media friends list.

    The Blocked farms list only appears (below the Friend farm list, scroll down to see it) when it contains at least one farm. Farm listed here has limited interaction with your farm during the entire blocking period.
    Blocked farm cannot send you friend request, cannot follow you, is removed from your follower/following/in-game friends/other friends list (if any), cannot receive friend request from you
    Blocked farm can still search for you using your farm tag and see your current farm name. You can also search for blocked farm.
    If a blocked farm is in another circle that allow the farmer to visit your farm (neighbourhood, social friends, farm you helped...), the farmer can still visit you during the blocking period and vice versa

    Tip: you can follow a farm you have blocked should you choose to.

    Unblock: remove the farm from the list and let them have full interaction with you. If the farm was removed from follower/following/in-game friends list, further actions are needed to get back on the list. If the farm was removed from other friends (FB/GC friends) list, it simply appears again there. Blocking a farmer in Hay Day doesn't break your Facebook or Game Center friendship.

    Other friends tab: Facebook and Game Center friends
    If you haven't log in of Facebook via Hay Day settings or Game Center via your iDevice settings, none of your FB/GC friends appears here nor in the friends-bar. But if your friends logged in on their side, you will always appear on their list and they can visit you.

    After you log in, your social media friends show up in the list and you can visit them.
    Hide: remove the farm from the list and also from the friends-bar. It doesn't break your Facebook or Game Center friendship.

    Once you have hidden at least one friend, the Hidden friends list appears below the Social Media friends list (scroll down to see it). You can still visit your hidden friends from here.
    Unhide: remove the farm from the list and put it back to your Social Media friends list.

    The avatar you see is pulled from Facebook public profile picture, you need to log in to Facebook on your device to see it. Logging out of Facebook doesn't stop other from seeing your own Facebook public profile picture. Game Center avatar is no longer showing since iOS 10.
    If this is a Facebook friends, the Facebook first name from their profile is displayed. If this is a Game Center friends, the Game Center nickname is displayed.

    What does the Followers tab show?
    This is where you can find the farm you followed (Following - max 10 farms) and farms who followed you (Followers - only a limited number of them show up)

    Unfollow: remove the farm from the Following list, remove your farm from this farmer's follower list
    Remove: remove the farm from the Followers list
    Block: remove the farm from the Followers list and add the farmer to Blocked farms list (see In-game friends tab).

    Followers are sorted in the order they start following you (most recent first)
    Following farms are sorted by the farm level

    What about the friends-bar? Do I still need it?
    The friends-bar is still here and displays in the "Friends" tab a combined list of:
    - your following farms (farm you followed - blue border)
    - your in-game friends
    - your Facebook/Game Center friends (except the hidden friends)
    - your neighbour Greg
    If one of these farms need help, you will get the notification in the Help tab (exclamation icon). Farms are ordered by their level.
    The Friend Book doens't show the list of your neighbours nor your last helpers.

    IV. Going forward

    Here we are at the end of the guide, I hope it helps you understand the concept and find the answer you are looking for. Feel free to reply for any feedback or add your question (maybe someone else can answer).

    For Hay Day official FAQ about the game, visit Supercell Support or open the game > Settings (top left corner)> Settings tab > Help and Support button.

    Now are you looking for new friends? Pay a visit to this thread (share your farm tag) or to this thread (share your Facebook profile).

    Please consider NOT quoting this whole post if not needed. If you did, you can edit your own post to remove extra text.
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    Questions from the community, answers are from Hay Day - December 2016 version.

    1. Can I contact players by Hay Day or is that possible in the future?
      Currently no, only Neighborhood chat is available. We (players) don't know yet about the future and what the Hay Day team has in mind.
    2. How can I see that a player already sent me a request when I want to ask that player to be my friend?
      Open Friend Book > Requests tab, You can check whether a request from that player is there (providing you can recognize them from the farm name).
      Don't be afraid to visit that player and tap use the "+" button to send friend request. This action automatically accept the pending friend request (if any) that player sent you (if they did).
    3. I currently have friends through Game Center in which all avatars were lost. I appreciate the new in-game friends feature but I don't see any avatars for new friends either! Is this right?
      Currently the in-game friends system does not have avatar feature.
    4. Many people welcome the possibility of hiding fb friends who stopped playing, but there seems to be no un hiding them, in case they start playing again?
      After you have hidden some friends, you can find them from the Hidden friends list (below the Social Media friends list) and Unhide them to let theam appear in your friends-bar and your social media friends list again. You can still visit hidden friends from this list.
    5. Where do I find a player's unique number?
      You can't not find them in-game. The specific player needs to give you his/her unique number.
      If you are looking to add new friends, visit this thread and share your own unique number and add other's.
    6. Which players can I invite?
      Any Hay Day player who can still receive friend request from you.
      You cannot send friend request if any of you have too many pending request or have reached the limit of friends allowed. You cannot send request to yourself, to farm you have blocked, to farm who blocked you,
    7. If my invitation is rejected can I try again?
      Yes, you can try again after your friend request is declined.
    8. If I've rejected an invitation, can that person ask repeatedly?
      Yes, they can.
    9. I've mistakenly rejected an invitation I wished to accept, can I get it back?
      No, you cannot. Try to reach out to that player if you can.
    10. Will I continue to receive/can I continue to send friend requests after I have filled my quota?
      No, you cannot. You will see this floating text:"You reached the maximum number of in-game friends" or "Answer your existing requests before adding more friends" when you try to send friend request. You won't receive new friend request.
    11. Will a notice be sent to the person requesting that my quota is full?
      Yes, they will see this floating text: "Player already has the maximum number of in-game friends" or "Player cannot receive requests at the moment" (too many pending request).
    12. What exactly is the friend book? As we already have the friend tab. What is the difference?
      The Friend Book is the door to in-game friend system management. You cannot manage friend list via friend tab. More information can be found in the guide.
    13. I really wish there was a way to visit a requesting farm before adding them.
      Currently this is not available.
    14. Will the friends in your book show up on your Friend tab or do you have to visit them by using the book?
      Yes, they will show up in your friends tab, mixed with your neighbour Greg, your folowings and your other FB/GC friends.
    15. How will I know if my Friend Book friends need help?
      They will show up in the "!" tab like any other friend.
    16. Where are the avatar pics pulled from for the Friend Book?
      Currently the Friend Book does not have its own avatar system. The default avatar is a gingerbread. If you login to FB via game settings, the game use this FB connection to load FB avatar of any farm that is also attached to FB, even if the farm owner is not logged in to FB at that time. (FB link to save farm progress is permanent and only needs to be done once).
    17. Can I add someone to my Friend Book if they are already a Facebook or Game Center friend?
      Yes, you can. If you don't see the "+" button to send request, exchange your farm tag and send request to each other via the Friend Book search system
    18. Q: How many friends can I add via the feature?
      Up to 100. Tip: don't send random friend requests to people on leaderboards, as they are unlikely to accept given this limit.
    19. How can you friend people when you don't know their ID?
      You cannot, unless you have a way to visit that player's farm and find a "+" button to send request.
    20. I don't know whether my tag is using capital letter "O" or the number 0. They both look the same when typed into the text field of the friends book. How can I tell which it is?
      Unlike Neighbourhood tag that only uses the number "0", your farm tag treat the letter "O" and the number zero "0" as one, they can be both used in farm tag interchangeably.
    21. Is there any advantage in having hoodies in my book?
      Yes, to keep in touch with them the day you are no longer in the same hood. (out visiting, taking a break from the game....)
    22. Is there any way to control who can send requests, sort of turning the friend book off?
      No, it's all or nothing. Via the friend book settings, you block everyone from sending you friend request or you allow anyone interested to send you friend request. However, you can still send request to others.
    23. Can I send invitation to join neighbourhood to my in-game friends?
      Yes, you can.
    24. Is there any advantage to moving my current GC/FB friends into the friends book (as in-game friends)?
      The more active friends you have as in-game friends instead as FB/GC friends, the better for your farming experience:
      - when you log out or having trouble connecting to your FB/GC, you can still see and visit all in-game friends
      - when you play farm on multiple device, cross platform, you can always find your GC friends (now in-game friends) on android and have the same farming experience
      - your FB/GC friends are inactive, if they are not in-game friends, logging out of FB/GC instantly hide all of them (except your in-game friends)
      - you become independent of GC/FB and let Supercell know how important the friend list is for players.
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    I got a list of questions from the other thread (, will get through them later (ones not covered b the guide)

    Edit: added FAQ to post #2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    I got a list of questions from the other thread (, will get through them later (ones not covered b the guide)

    Great job, Meo! Big pat on the back and thanks
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    Wow! What a huge amount of work you've put into this; it seems very clear and comprehensive.

    I'm sure it will prove really helpful to everyone and will, no doubt, evolve as further points and comments are made.

    Thanks very much!

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    Looks great Meo, you have done an amazing job 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    That's one meow tastic guide AdvoCat
    Meow thinks it should be a sticky at least for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolonistje1 View Post
    That's one meow tastic guide AdvoCat
    Meow thinks it should be a sticky at least for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DESTRUCTIO View Post

    No.1 pet peeve
    What are you doing here? Has my Hay Dayness finally rubbed off to you?

    Thank you for this I admit I am confused with friends half the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micheallo View Post
    What are you doing here? Has my Hay Dayness finally rubbed off to you?

    Thank you for this I admit I am confused with friends half the time.
    Yep,currently diallng 911

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