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Thread: ##Sachindra's official YouTube channel## "SachClash"

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    ##Sachindra's official YouTube channel## "SachClash"

    Hey Friends I am Sachindra and I have came with a brand new channel called SachClash. Here I teach--players of townhalls 4-8 on army compositions, War bases,War attacks,Farming Bases,Farming attacks etc.
    See my new video to know how to do Mass drag attack in war.

    Hey friends I have posted a new video on how to barch for th5 as I care for new players

    Hey friends there is a new video see our clan's epic war attacks vs iphone dark
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    Good videos friends see these

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    Hey friends i was unable to upload for two days but now i am back on track

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    New video friends

    Sup guys just uploaded a video on war recaps the gold seeker vs shwe brother

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    Doesnt anyone like my channel

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    Keep it up, buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wysiwyg View Post
    Keep it up, buddy.
    thank you very much bro check out some more videos my channelnameisSachClash

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    new video is up guys

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    Thumbs Up New video on how to reach masters at th7


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