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Thread: Need some tips for trophy pushing.

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    Smile Need some tips for trophy pushing.

    Hello guys I have maxed out th6 base and just upgrading my th to 7 and actually I have 3 builders right now and 528 gems.I want my 4 th builder soon and for that I am pushing my trophies to crystal league to get that achievement but always after 1600 trophies I lose many attacks,after 1600 I am finding bit difficult to get those stars.So I need some suggestions like which troop and what amount of that I should cook.And at which place I should drop those.Please suggest some.And does town hall sniping is no more works?Means is it bit difficult to find town hall outside?

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    unlock dragons and mass spam them

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    ohhhhhh ok

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    In the meantime while you try to unlock this dragons, upgrade giants, wizards and wall breakers and do a giwiz attack, aiming for the town hall on any occasion you can. Once you have unlocked dragons go for high elixir bases that YOU can beat to counter the price for the most part for dragons. Use lightning spells and cc balloons Level 6 and up to help you, since with the buff to both dragons and loons, they help eachother.

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    I think wait for th7 then upgrade your troops. But mass drags usually works so expensive

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    Thanks guys for your opinions.

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