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    Start a game that takes 33 months to "end-game"? SC think about new joiners!

    I start playing this game in Oct/2014.
    I already spent some money on it and now I'm a new TH11 (high-end 10 defenses, max lvl 10 walls, heroes 40/40 and fell missing labs). I do not consider myself a hardcore farmer but I've played a lot.

    I'm not get in about max/rushed bases. For the sake of this discussion let consider that having high-end defenses and lab done are the way to go to high levels.

    I checked the wikia ( and did some maths.

    The current state of this game would take 33 months (builder or lab times) to max a TH11 (Consider also the TH11 has a lot to be added! ).

    I'm not considering WALLS! And not considering the effort to keep your 5 builders and lab busy all the time!

    Now answer the question:
    Do you would start playing this game today if you knew that would take 33 months to get into "end-game/high-end" level?

    I'm sure that a lot answered: "I wouldn't".

    To address this situation (IF SC WANTS, OF COURSE!) SC can reduce all building/lab times across all TH levels. But I would like to discuss a little bit about an idea already mentioned before:

    It has been discussed and did the maths for two options:
    #1- split elixir type: only lab for regular elixir and another one for dark elixir;
    #2- split troops and spells: only lab for troops and another one for spells;

    In both scenarios the result will be a total time reduced from 33 months to 24 months.

    Personally I think the most balanced option is the #2 (split troops and spells) because both builder time and troop lab time will be 24 months.

    Of course SC can tweak this, releasing the second lab at TH10 only and/or create other requirements but the fact if this game is entering a state that new players will drop the game when they notice how long will be the path to achieve the high levels.

    Reducing the path will also allows SC to release more content, more TH levels without add to time and attract new players.

    I want to SC exploring this game! I want TH12, TH13. New features like co-op (attacking a village together if your clan mate!), etc !

    Come on SC, you have the means to do it!

    Below the maths. Let me know if I miss calculated.



    SuperCell, an 2 stars attack company.

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    Thanks for pointing out that new players will realistically never run out of content. Truly this game is a great value!

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    The end game should not be sprint, But a marathon. Who cares how long it takes, We all play just the same, And I have played 4 years straight, and not even a th11. Just find a pace you enjoy and stick with that. I would be impressed if someone went start to finish in exactly 33 months.. Because that isnt factoring in the variables of loot/hr, etc.

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    33 months isn't bad actually. i'm at 30+ months and counting and my lab is still ~18 weeks from max (and i gemmed a couple of weeks worth of lab ugs). so it's possible to get to end game. agreed. 3-years is great value from a mobile app game. lol.

    sc has been making baby steps the last 2 updates to keep the grind from spiraling out of control. i think they've pretty much decided that ~33 months is the cap for progression from start to finish. and thank heavens for that.
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    Nice analysis OP, and very clearly presented. I agree, the sheer volume of upgrades is a barrier for some players and adding even one additional lab would be a big help.

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    From the Supercell website -

    "Many of us had been big fans of games like World of Warcraft, which most people play for years, not just weeks or months. Our dream was to create game services with longevity like that. And we wanted to create them for the widest group of people possible. They would be games that almost everyone could get into. The two core pillars around which we wanted to build this longevity would be game play and social. We believed in the power of simple, fun game play. Many of us even longed for the golden days of PC gaming when games were all about great game play. And when it comes to social, we just thought games would be more fun when played with friends and other people."

    Stop worrying about how to reach the end as fast as you can and just enjoy the game no matter how you play (farm, war, push) cause once you get there it isn't that fun to be honest. It's a game and if you aren't enjoying it then it's not a game so if you aren't happy with your progression and feel like it's a job and not exciting why play? Why not find something else that you fall in love with like we have all with Clash of Clans.

    The game might take years to complete but as long as you are having fun why does it matter?

    Quote Originally Posted by PhilISuppose View Post
    If they ever redesign the whole game using Microsoft paint, I'm sure there'll be a consulting job there for you...

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    I think this should be added as a th8 it is really hard and it takes time to upgrade troops and spells

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    Quote Originally Posted by COCFan2001 View Post
    Thanks for pointing out that new players will realistically never run out of content. Truly this game is a great value!
    I like where your head's at!
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    What "end" game? There is no end to a game that continues to add new content. That new content is what has kept it going for so long and is part of what makes it so fun. The other great thing about this game is that war is just as fun, if not more fun, without being maxed out. The really ingenious thing about it, is there is no advantage in war to being really developed. You can be a few months into this game and contributing to a war win as well as someone who has played years. Also, raiding is just as fun at lower levels as it is a higher levels. The only aspect of the game that is out of reach for lower level players is high end legends league trophy pushing.

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    It's not about the destination it's the journey that matters. Here's a question for you if you reached the end game in 12 months would you still be playing? Probaly not so be happy

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