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Thread: A new common card for Frozen Peak - the Snowball

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    A new common card for Frozen Peak - the Snowball

    Edit Log
    12/26 balance change: Snowball area damage decreased by 5%
    12/28 balance change: Snowball slow-down effect duration increased to 3 seconds
    12/29 balance change: Snowball knockback effect removed
    1/12 balance change: Snowball now splits into two 'Snowbits' upon impact!
    1/24 balance change: Snowball area damage decreased by 5%
    1/28 balance change: Snowball slow-down effect increased to 45% (from 35%)
    1/30 balance change: Snowball slow-down effect decreased to 40% (from 45%), Snowbit slow-down effect duration increased to 2 seconds (from 1.5 seconds)
    2/03 balance change: Snowball elixir cost decreased to 2 (from 3), Snowball slowdown duration decreased to 2 seconds (from 3 seconds)
    2/06 balance change: Snowball area damage increased by 6%
    2/15 balance change: Snowball radius decreased to 2.5 tiles (from 3 tiles)
    2/16 balance change: Snowball elixir cost increased to 3 (from 2), radius increased to 3 tiles (from 2.5 tiles), slowdown effect duration increased (affects Snowbits)
    3/09 balance change: Snowball damage increased by 2%

    Hello, challengers! This is my first card idea thread, so feedback of course is appreciated. I'm not expecting to get anything from anyone anytime soon obviously, given how quickly threads are pushed to page 2, but...let's get into things, shall we?

    Reasons for adding the card
    Spells aren't necessarily a bad thing for the game - they can teach players a lot about game strategy! For example - have you ever tried to Zap an Arena Tower, only to realise it did not go down? How about trying to aim the Rocket so that it hits both the Elixir Collector and a second building? What about the time you missed with Arrows on a Minion Horde?

    However, a spell with an interesting theme, like Poison, would bring something fresh to the arena of "spells". Most deal area damage, but that's about it - few other interesting properties. My idea resolves that by adding in a special feature to the spell that makes it unique and gives it its own function.

    Frozen Peak also still needs cards - no more legendaries, but another common and a rare should do. My card idea fixes one of these problems.

    So, let me introduce you to the Snowball.

    What's that rolling over the hill? Is it a Snowball? Yep, it's a Snowball. For the price of three drops of elixir, you can create a mini-avalanche anywhere in the Arena. Let it go and let it snow - the Snowball brings good tidings (10 feet of good tidings) to all foes of your kin. . Wanna build a snowman? Well now you can - toss a Snowball at the opposition and cover them in frosted flakes. Amusement (and repercussions) guaranteed.

    Attack animation/appearance
    a) When hurled at a group of unsuspecting opponents, the Snowball flies over your King tower, with snowflakes and pieces of ice falling off of its sides. Then, if it is striking air troops, it continues in its "spin-fly" animation until striking the target. If it is targeted at ground troops, it crashes to the floor just in front of the enemy, flinging snow in their faces.

    b) Same air attack animation. If targeted at ground troops, the Snowball descends to the ground and starts rolling towards them. Upon making contact, they are engulfed by the Snowball and start rolling backwards with it. It then dissipates into loose particles of snow. Affected troops develop a blue tint that progressively gets darker at the timer approaches 3 seconds, then lighter again.

    b) is the preferred animation as it is more unique to the Snowball and thematically more suitable. However, it is somewhat more complicated.

    Basic information

    The Snowball is a 3-elixir common card. The reasoning behind its cost is simple - it shouldn't replace the Fireball, nor Arrows as a damage-dealer, as its primary usage will depend on how well players are able to get to grips with its special effect. As it does not deal as much damage as either or have the latter's radius, 3 elixir is a good start. Secondly, this will also further differentiate it from Poison and Freeze, which are both 4 elixir and serve different roles in the Arena. This should decrease in-house competition between the two of them, despite their similarities.

    Its special effect, which I have been going on about for a while now? Upon striking enemies in its radius, the Snowball deals AoE damage and slows down enemies' attack and movement speeds by 40%, for 3 seconds, keeping consistent with the Ice Golem. The 3 second duration ensures that it is not overpowered - we don't want it to replace either Freeze nor the Ice Spirit!

    In addition to slowing down troops in a 3-tile radius, the Snowball also does moderate AoE damage. For a spell, its damage output is very low - barely more than Zap, and much less than the Fireball. This damage should be enough to take down small units, but will be very ineffective against tanks and even glass cannons if relied upon alone; have troops on standby to take advantage of the slow-down effect. The 2 elixir cost will make for some positive trades.

    Note: The Ice Spirit, Golem and Wizard do NOT have immunity to the Snowball! They can and will still be affected.

    Card stats
    Here is a table of card stats for the Snowball - in italics is the row of information for Level 9 (tournament standard for common cards).

    Elixir cost Radius “Slow-down” effect “Slow-down” effect duration
    3 3 40% 3sec

    Level Area Damage Crown Tower Damage
    1 88 35
    2 96 38
    3 106 42
    4 116 46
    5 128 50
    6 140 55
    7 154 61
    8 169 67
    9 186 74
    10 205 82
    11 225 90
    12 248 99
    13 272 109

    And now, stats for the Snowbits! :3

    Radius “Slow-down” effect “Slow-down” effect duration
    2.5 40% 1.5sec

    At tournament standard, this is the damage dealt by each spell against non-crown structures.

    Zap - 159
    Tornado - 174
    Snowball - 186
    Arrows - 243
    The Log - 250
    Fireball - 572
    Poison - 610
    Lightning - 864
    Rocket - 1,232

    This is the damage dealt by each spell against crown structures, at tournament standard of course.

    Zap - 64
    Tornado - N/A
    Snowball - 74
    Arrows - 98
    The Log - 100
    Fireball - 229
    Poison - 244
    Lightning - 346
    Rocket - 493

    As you can probably tell, the Snowball does moderate AoE damage, and even in comparison to other spells does relatively little by itself. This puts less emphasis on how many hitpoints it can whittle down from a unit/building and more on the slow-down effect, which is the highlight of the card. In comparison to other low-cost cards, the Snowball's damage seems to be balanced - in exchange for the reduced damage impact it has a larger radius, which offers some extra utility that cards like the Fireball are lacking due to a reduced area of effect. The Tornado and Snowball are 3 and elixir spells respectively and do similar damage to each other at comparable levels, an indication of balance.

    One potential problem I have identified is the obsolescence of Arrows with the Snowball's introduction - Arrows is outclassed by almost every other spell in the game at the moment due to a lack of versatility and meta suitability - Zap does the jobs it can do for less, and Fireball does the jobs it can do better - and even some of the things it can't do, like take out glass cannons behind an Arena Tower. One last remaining use of that spell is to wipe out Minion Hordes.

    With the Snowball offering moderate AoE and a slow effect for the same elixir is problematic, because it means that it will start being used in Arrows' place, as the damage is high enough to take out Minions at tournament standards. For that reason, I implemented a 5% damage nerf for the Snowball in order to fix this problem, rendering it unable to destroy a Minion Horde in one hit. This gives it 179 damage at tournament standards, or 71 against crown structures, as opposed to 193 and 77 respectively. This should further discriminate between it and Arrows, in order to prevent the Snowball from taking Arrows' one and only job for most players - to take out Minion Hordes. The Fireball can also do this, but with a greater risk (smaller radius) and higher elixir cost. A further 5% damage nerf was carried out in order to reduce its damage to the point where it barely killed Goblins in the light of Zap's own nerf.

    Balance discussion
    These some previous buff ideas for the Snowball, as consensus had it that this spell is rather underpowered.

    1) Simple damage buff - I'm not keen on this one as any additional damage will likely cause it to one-shot the Minion Horde, which I want to avoid to prevent this spell from outclassing Arrows, which is already overlooked by many players.

    2) Elixir cost buff - the Snowball could be decreased to 2 elixir with no stat changes necessary. This buff seems ineffective, however - Zap would still heavily overshadow it in terms of versatility, and The Log's two unique features (knocking back ALL troops and the legendary rolling distance) will still render the Snowball a comparatively weak card.
    Edit: BUFFED!

    3) Slowdown effect duration buff - the Snowball's slow-down effect could be increased from lasting 3 seconds to 5 seconds. This wouldn't change the fact that Zap offers an instant cast time for a lower elixir cost in additon to being able to reset the attack charge of the troops it targets, for virtually similar damage (nothing that Zap cannot kill can be killed by the Snowball.)

    4) "Split-ball" buff - this is an idea I conceived after reading StabbyGobs' feedback. The Snowball will, upon impact, explosively split into two 'Snowbits' that can target other objects that were missed by their former form, with all-round decreased stats.
    Edit: BUFFED!

    Offensive strategy
    The Snowball, like the Ice Wizard, is better suited for defence than offence. On the attack, however, it does have some prowess - use it to secure positive elixir trades against the Skeleton Army if it is disrupting your large push. Make sure you aim it towards the middle so that it knocks out all of the Skeletons (or an amount significant to the point where they can no longer harm you.) This is especially useful for pushes involving a good number of building-only cards, as you may even be able to hit the defensive structure they are targeting!

    (I.e. the Inferno Tower is burning your tanks to ashes. Toss the Snowball it both it and the Arena Tower if possible and secure a positive trade through damage dealt to both structures while slowing down the Inferno Tower's damage rack-up, giving your tank more time to destroy it!)

    It is not recommended to play the Snowball on crown towers alone. This is due to its low CTD of 74, barely higher than the health of a single Skeleton at Level 9. Its moderate damage output is also ineffective against glass cannons, even the likes of the Princess, who will actually survive its clutches with 30 hitpoints - enough to do some damage if a meatshield is placed in front of her. This prevents the Snowball from taking more responsibility away from Arrows, which is commonly used to defeat the Princess.

    Defensive strategy
    On defence is where this spell can truly shine. You can use it in a similar manner to the Ice Spirit, with the added benefit of more damage and a higher area coverage. If a fast troop like Elite Barbarians are coming at you quickly, toss a Snowball their way to deal damage and slow them down long enough for you to place down supporting troops. This will buy you time if you need elixir. The Hog Rider can also be brought down by the Snowball, as it slows him down.

    Use the Snowball to make slow-moving hordes, like Barbarians, move even more slowly. After throwing a Snowball in their bearded faces, Fire Spirits will definitely be enough to destroy them - this is a neutral elixir trade, unless the Barbarians are being pushed by the Hog Rider - in which case, the trade is positive and you have a weakened Hog that is easier to get rid of.

    You can also throw the Snowball at fast-firing troops like the Three Musketeers in order to allow counters to reach them quickly - Zap + Fire Spirits cannot counter them effectively any more, but you can use the Snowball to slow down their frightening fire rate in order to enable these coal sprites to attack them more easily. This combo will deplete each Musketeer of her hitpoints very effectively, while getting you the better end of the trade.

    The Snowball's economic elixir cost, large radius and slow-down effect will make it a very versatile and usable troop in the Arena, while its placement in Frozen Peak ensures that its power will only be accessible to the higher tier of play. Its unique style of execution, appearance and effect causes it to differ from other spells in its class.

    I hope you enjoyed this first card idea of mine! Leave me feedback in the reply section below and if you have any questions, I'll be sure to answer 'em!

    Clash on!
    Last edited by TheDankPrince; March 21st, 2017 at 09:58 PM. Reason: 3/09 balance change.

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    I love the idea, the time, and effort put into this thread.

    In my opinion, it seems a bit like tornado though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirkel View Post
    I love the idea, the time, and effort put into this thread.

    In my opinion, it seems a bit like tornado though.
    I see where you're coming from, but the Tornado's usage differs in the sense that it is more reliant on supporting troops to finish off affected opponents as opposed to the Fireball, which is capable of one-shotting the Minion Horde under present stats. The slow-down effect further separates it from the Tornado, which pulls troops to its centre of influence.

    Thank you for your feedback and kind words, however. This took a while to plan!

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    In my opinion it's awesome, although it sounds a little like a Log that freezes troops

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    I love this idea. Hopefully supercell gives it a try

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antcrusher View Post
    In my opinion it's awesome, although it sounds a little like a Log that freezes troops
    It's three-elixir cost, common rarity and circular AoE differentiates it from The Log.

    Also, its special effect is 'slow-down', not freezing. 😊

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    That's a wonderful Idea!
    You're the dank Prince after all
    Happy Holidays

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    I'm going to go ahead with the balancing act.

    12/26 balance change: Snowball area damage decreased by 5%
    We don't want the Snowball to one-shot the Minions and their Horde as this takes away more limelight from Arrows, which is already heavily outclassed by other spells in the game, namely Zap and the Fireball. This balance change will cause it to leave the Minions within an inch of their lives, enough damage to allow the Arena Tower to pick them off.

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    I like this a lot, but I don't understand why we need this spell. Not trying to be negative btw, hope staff sees this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobroCOC View Post
    I like this a lot, but I don't understand why we need this spell. Not trying to be negative btw, hope staff sees this!
    Thanks for your feedback.

    The Snowball is good on defence as it can damage fast-moving units such as Elite Barbarians while also allowing you to slow them down, allowing supporting troops, like Archers, to take advantage of their weakened state! The large radius lets you hit a bigger number of troops than the Fireball, even if you mistime it, so the Snowball can take an Ice Golem-Ebarbs combo backwards for 0.5 tiles while reducing their movement and hitspeeds by 35%.

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