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Thread: Report Button inside clan chat. You can now report your clan mates

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    There is already a thread on this with some great information from moderators noting how this works and what the purpose is (fyi, it cannot be abused, it doesn't work like global reports).
    Link? Hello?

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    Look on page one of this thread. I linked to it.

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    This button is not needed. If a clan member gets out of line, we already have a button that can solve that issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianLegend View Post
    I think it's pure genius! It didn't take them any effort to add this feature, it doesn't bother anyone and there are so many occasions where one might want to use it:

    • Member gets abusive or insults you
    • Someone admits to violating the TOS (e.g. being below 13 years, using 3rd party software). Instead of taking screenshot and pasting in support chat you could just report the guy right there.
    • Your clan is "open" and a chat bot joins with a message about free gems
    • Someone starts spamming the clan chat with lot of white space followed by "/clear chat"
    I dread to think that kind of clan you're in if the last 2 points happen.

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