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Thread: Blue hat task

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    Blue hat task

    Somebody needs to fix the amount of time you have to complete the task. You have to make 25 hats. Each hat takes 51 minutes to make and you have an 1 day and 2 hours to complete it! How am I supposed to finish and sleep. Lol

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    I only take it if I have some done ahead of time.

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    Time is the difficulty of the blue hat task..

    For that task you only need one machine and simple products (indigo, wool); it would have been way too easy if on top of it you are given plenty of time to finish the task.

    I like that task that way

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    You need enough slots open to cover the time you are sleeping.

    I don't sleep much & I have all 9 slots on the machine, so it's easy to do.

    You need to check the tasks first and either leave them for others to do or adjust your farm to suit the task (in this case, add slots to the machine).

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    I did it the exact same way as Smallchange explained.
    this task is easy to do if you have all 9 slots available.

    It also helps if you make a few in advance, before taking the task of the board.
    simply pick them up from your machine after you took the task and you will have a head start.
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