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    I would like to complain about that I cant start a new farm.
    Every new- or re- installation should give the choice an existing or a new farm to play.

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    I would like to complain that I accidentally opened a piece of town land. Again.

    That was for my farm land, darn it!

    I mean, I no longer have space issues on the farm land, and I was going to open all town land EVENTUALLY, but... DARN IT.
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    I would like to complain that there is never enough saws and axes!!

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    i can't concentrate on work

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllunaHellen View Post
    I would like to complain that I accidentally opened a piece of town land. Again.

    That was for my farm land, darn it!

    I mean, I no longer have space issues on the farm land, and I was going to open all town land EVENTUALLY, but... DARN IT.
    Ah, the old “opened the wrong plot” complaint! Been there, done that! The worst was when I accidentally opened the wrong decor plot and used my precious expansion permits on the balloon arch when I thought I was getting the long-awaited umbrella table. I still haven’t recovered from that. Every time I see that arch, I’m tempted to pop a few balloons.

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    I would like to complain that when the wagon wheel fence was on my spin wheel, all I got was a lousy stalk of indigo ��

    On a brighter note, I got a puzzle piece from a treasure box later that day!
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    I'd like to complain I got the final Special Permit from a Mystery Chest and fully expanded my farm years ahead of schedule.

    Just kidding.

    I'd like to complain I must sell off 100 deeds, 100 mallets, 100 markers because I don't need them any more.
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    What the hell?
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    Yet many farms heard recently the toll of the bell.
    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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    I would like to complain why my leader give the leadership to other people who don't understand how to lead. After several weeks now I must find new hood... I can't stand it. And why it's so difficult to find new hood that fit our playing style.... I wish I can see the hood profile and their leader profile so I can decided where I have to go.

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    My complaint is we have a puppy now and he’s is too cute. I’m not getting to play hayday as much. But it’s good training for me. Summer break is coming and junior will be out of school.

    And do we just love the farms with names like : DO NOT WATER. DO NOT BUY. But then they are flagged for boat crates wanting cream, lobster, jam and blankets. Hey if you don’t want my company on a good day I will respect your wishes and stay away from your boats crates when you do decide you need some help. Just my thinking.

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    Two things:

    That skinny girl with the pink hat who visits my farm that it takes me way too long to send away because I can never seem to get a hold of her.

    And someone get Maggie a chair! All her pacing around for DAYS makes me nauseous.
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