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    I would like to complain about being thrown out of a Neighborhood because I wouldn't join the Derby but I have found a Neighborhood that is more laid back and love it

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    I hate the 80 limit! I had 20 nails sitting in front of me.

    I hate Ernest and Rose tramping all over my garden. I wish I could deactivate those two fools.
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    I'd like to complain that I didn't see the post below in this thread until now. Well done, Hayfield!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayfield View Post
    So today I woke up to a message on Facebook from a user who wanted to know how to buy a high level Hay Day account. I thought my reply was nearly perfect so I wanted to share it with you all.

    "What you are asking for breaks the Terms of Service for Supercell. So the type of person you are looking for is a scammer or someone who has been kicked out of or banned from some of the Hay Day groups. Most groups post those as "people to avoid" but really for someone like you.... a cheater, you really need other cheaters in order to cheat. So those are YOUR people. Sadly for you, you picked the wrong person to message. I have reported you, I plan on posting a link to your profile on all my Hay Day groups and I am now adding you to my block list. Because unlike you, I have zero interest or patience for cheaters. "
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    Good complaint, LynnK2015.

    I would like to complain that clouds get in my eyes.

    Background: 1st day of Valley 8: I got lost on my way to a sanctuary with a truck full of animals, clouds prevented a good count of the spaces to get there in advance, and ran out of gas 4 short of the goal. I had to quickly run 20 truck loads on the farm to earn a fuel spin (wait - how can I do that when I’m out of fuel?) hoping the animals hadn’t jumped out and made a dash for the woods. Fortunately, I must have run the truck so fast, they were all digging in hooves and wrapping trunks to stay inside as the truck careened around corners. Sorry guys! They’re being carefully unloaded now, hopefully not puking or stepping dizzily onto their handlers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AsYouWish View Post
    I would like to complain that clouds get in my eyes.
    sunnyphonenix made a map of the sanctuary valley. Itís the same as season 6. The thread has links to all the valley maps.

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