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Thread: Expert league looking for up to 4 members

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    Expert league looking for up to 4 members

    My neighborhood is currently expert league…and everyone is asleep. I'm the only who's done any tasks this week, and we're currently 9th. I'm completely stumped as to why this has happened, as we won our professional league last week in a landslide.

    I kicked out 4 farms who appeared to be inactive or weren't doing anything to help the derby, so we have 4 spots open for anyone who wants to participate and try to get up to champions league.

    Neighborhood name is "Way to Go." Minimum level 30. My farm name is Sunnybrook. Don't be afraid to jump right in!
    GC: Hoosi3rFarm3r

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    Still looking for a few new players. Even if you are only able to do 1-2 derby tasks, it will be appreciated! We would love to find out what the champions league looks like.
    GC: Hoosi3rFarm3r

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