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    Cleggy still has an uncle that lets him in?

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    U gotta shake your big booty for guys like horses😘

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    Thx jonr, appreciate the help. Join forum a few months ago and am looking to get into it more.

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    Also, note takin on the spamming.

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    Autocorrect sucks

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    In order for you to rank up to a higher position in the forums you must first leak as much update info as possible. Then tell them youll only stop if they let you on the inside. Get on their payroll and pay someone else to leak more info.

    We're counting on you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thataint View Post
    Clergy, if sarcastic, f-ing hilarious! If serious, what's with the cats?
    Moderating forums is a lot like hearding cars. Lots of the mods think cats make good pets. The rest of us just shake our heads.
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    Free co? Gieb nao!

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    Th12 - le chat nu !!

    Quote Originally Posted by RedRage10 View Post
    fette is always right
    Quote Originally Posted by freakazoid1985 View Post
    fette knows best

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    I was almost gonna taunt Fette for a Cat Meme, but I am so over them.

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