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Thread: Countdown to Christmas: A Christmas 2016 Field Art Story

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    Dearest Perky,

    I am thrilled beyond words that your beloved Peachie is doing so well! I’m excited that she is enjoying school - something that she was frequently denied her so often, in the past. What a joy that she can enjoy such an important time in her life, now! She has been given a new life, and I hope she is greatly blessed with a long, very happy one, doing what she is gifted to do. Such a time of trial and suffering for you all; and yet I believe you, Peachie and your other children have been transformed in good ways by what you have endured. You are wonderful, and I love you very much.

    Thank you for posting the picture of your ice-fishing caterpillars, as I wished!

    I currently am sick with Lyme. It’s nasty, but a good Perky story about Christmas or fishing-caterpillars would make the healing go faster, if you wish. In the meantime, I have my sweet Hay Day Farm, and I can visit your delightful farm from my bed.

    Here’s to good health, for us all - a most treasured gift!
    I love you so very much, Perky! You are a shining light here, and in the world.
    With all my love to you and Peachie!
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    "As you wish."
    As You Wish:
    I love this game, and the people who create and play it.
    For the dis-gruntled: Nick Vujicic:

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