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    I am currently Level 43 & play daily. I am looking for more Hay Day friends. I help with boats, order help requests on the order board and town orders too. I add things to my roadside stand multiple times a day. My farm tag ID is in my signature
    Farm Tag# 2QPRYOU92
    Farm Name Barbara’s Garden

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    Level 80 Daily player looking for active neighbors. It seems most of my neighbors are no longer playing. My farm ID Farm: 8QR82ULG
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    Farm ID 8QR82ULG

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    Add Me Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Playing 8-16hours+ daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Level 153. Daily, active farmer. #RRPJQ2LR (PS IF YOU HAVE A PRETTY, DECORATED FARM - PLEASE ADD ME)

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    Lvl 40 - daily player, looking for other daily players at any level. Please add me: PVPRPCC2U


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    Hey I have 2 accounts and play daily. One is level 72 and the other is fresh to get reacquainted with the game, add me please

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    I'm a level 41 farmer and I love buying in selling in the RSS and helping others!

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    Playing Hay Day again! Add me!!

    Hi! I'm Ruby, I'm a level 67 and have been playing Hay Day for years, on and off. I'm looking for some new, active friends, so add me! I'm active and love to help other farms

    Tag #2VYLV8U0

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    Hi and welcome back. Much has changed so be sure to look around the forums for new stuff!

    This thread is where you should add your tag #. You can also check out the most recent postings to find players that are looking to be added to others friend book.
    Level 170
    Achievement 144/144 (24 Apr 2019)
    now 148/150
    🐝 kind. 🤗

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