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    Mar 2021
    My tag #YYLYUVRU0
    Looking for new friends 🤗🤗🤗

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    Add me please! Newbie here! #Y8U2VQJU8

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    Apr 2021
    Looking for daily players (level 30+) who fill their rss regularly - like I do. Iím level 51 and play daily #GUPVQL82
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    Apr 2013
    Add me so we can help each other out. I do help whenever I can. I am lvl 70. I stopped playing 4 years and I am back at it since last week. #2PGCCCRY

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    Add me Farmers Tag

    Farmers Tag : Add Me : #8GU9YYUYC

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    Looking for like minded friends. Polite and respectful RSS buying, and please have decent items in your RSS as well. (Cloche hats, rustic bouquets, etc, do not count) I usually have a full RSS with expansion items, basics like cheese, sugars, butter, etc., as well as other goodies.

    M&K Farms level 130.
    Farm ID 8L9CUO9CJ (number zero or letter O, can never remember.

    Please do not friend me if you are not a polite buyer, share with others, and a good neighbour/friend.
    M&K Farms
    ~ Farm level 118 ~ Reputation level 40 ~
    Considerate RSS buyer & insist on same. No raiders.

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