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    Add me! #L90QCLQQ

    Daily player, Level 64

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    Jun 2013
    On the path to enlightenment...
    Looking for some new blood, fresh faces. Preferably very active level 100+ players who won't hesitate to help. I check my help tab relentlessly.

    Tired of unhelpful farmers? Look no further.

    Edit: Thx for the add...closed for now
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    On vacation!
    Feel free to add me #VL8GVUL

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

    Just call me K, my name is too difficult to spell.
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    My husband is searching for new friends, too

    He'd like to have more daily players, level 50 or higher, in his friends book

    He is level 56.

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    Feel free to add me too #20LRYQJU8
    Farm level 90/ Town level 26
    Farmer ID: 20LRYQJU8

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    This thread and how active it is just within a couple hours of uodate, says it all supercell. Abandoned and left out by Apple we finally have a chance to add new friends. Now about those avatars...........

    Ok. Off to try and figure this out. I haven't had a chance yet to look at anything new.

    Farm level: 239 Silo 11,750 and always full, no really it is full!
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    May 2013
    Taking care of family

    Red face

    Farm Tag: YQJLUQU9

    Anything else you may need to know about me is in my signature below. Hope to soon see some lost friends as well as make some new ones.
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    Add me..daily player..#lygl89uc
    Farm level 157/ town 40.
    Leader of "Canadian Hood". (107 gold trophies!). Neighborhood tag #2j92yj88.
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    ADD me please... level 75... tag 9UP8LL00

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    Ok I'm game
    (Deleted , getting full)
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    Thanks to Red (again) for the picture !!

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