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    Looking to get back into playing, but it's not as fun without people to play with .

    level 59
    happily helps

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    ID: High Heaven
    Very active, plz add me, may the force be with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOLkengdie View Post
    ID: High Heaven
    Very active, plz add me, may the force be with you
    Looks like your tag is incorrect: "Player not found".

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    Dec 2016
    I've just started and need friends, my ID: #PUYCCQ98P

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    Level 103, play often.

    My tag is #8RVP29PR9.

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    Add me if you want more friend

    Lv. 47 Active. Tag 9PQQG2CRQ 😊

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    Hi Iím Dawn and am an Active Daily Player Level 21 so far 😀🌻
    PYOJ2982G is my code- Need Active Friends in the Game who play Daily and Sell items in their Stand etc ✅☀️
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    Feb 2020
    Add me, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daz258 View Post
    Just like Facebook and the former GameCenter before it post your farmer ID here!

    Also let us know your farm name so we can be certain about who we are adding.

    To find your farmer ID hit the friend icon on the bottom right of the screen, then click the friend book left of Greg.
    Add me #PUYYJ9GGJ shoestring farm

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    Add me #PUYYJ9GGJ shoestring farm

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