Hello, I am Brumbletitz from Clemson Tigers #299QQC, and we are looking for some war hungry members.

We are looking for TH 8.5, 9, 9.5 and TH10 vs TH11 specialists. Below I will post more about what each TH level is expected.

Most of the people in the clan have gone to Clemson University or reside nearby. We are an English Speaking clan and do have specific war directions/communications that we follow. While we are not in the same Tier as the elite clans in the CWL, we hold our own against tough competition and do well in most wars. Cleaning up all TH10 and below while 2 starring the 11's is common for us.

Here at Clemson its about unity. We consistently bounce ideas off each other, do Friendly challenges and help move along our lower TH up the ladder. Our 10's with higher hero's attack the 11's allowing our 11's to dip down.

If you are interested or meet the requirements listed below, stop by the clan and make sure to say sent from Forum by Titz. Trophy requirement is 2000.

Th 8.5 10/10 and above King/Queen with Max Hogs, Valks, Drags for TH Level.
Th 9 20/20 and above or Preferred with same Max Troops for TH Level.
Th 9.5 30/30 and above. Max Troops for TH Level.
TH 10 35/35 and preferably under 87k War Weight. Must be willing to attack TH 11's and learn through Friendly challenge .

For all war bases, must have an anti 3 star base and must be willing to let others attempt FC against your base.

For any questions, please reply back or join the clan and talk to us face to face. If you like what you see and wanto to join a laid back war clan, hit us up.

Thanks. Brumbletitz