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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterCal View Post
    No it wouldn't. He doesn't attack very fast. Skeletons can still swarm him faster than he can shoot.
    I can confirm. A Level 4 Skeleton Army can take out my Level 2 Ice Wizard if it gets swarmed.

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    I'm actually glad Ice Wiz is where he is at....there was a time when he was an auto include card. And cause of his low cost he's an even more brainless (I don't know what to play, so I'll...) drop behind the king tower than the knight is.

    He is so strong defensively and annoying to deal with cause he has no good spell counters. On another note....skeleton nerf means indirect buff to Ice wiz. Gotta take wins where you can get em

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    I think the ice wizard need a buff , 7% more of damage, remember is a legendary card , and yea, is a good card but just if is not alone, skeletons have more damage than ice wizard!!! Nerf no!he need 7% more of damage! To can k*ll skeletons and bats with just one kik... And wouldn't be a big difference in front big troops!

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