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Thread: Jack's War Journal

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this thread. Hope it stays alive.

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    Long over due update to thei war journal

    Wow it has been a while since I updated this so here goes:
    1. I am still warring last 50 wars have been 42-1-7. I have noticed an increase in the number of draws and the inability to get a war streak over 10. This is for the th8 and lower clans. So what am I to do? Currently warring with a similar line up: 1 th8, 1 th7, 2 th5, 1 th4, 5 th3's. All have all buildings down(not all maxed) as I was doing this before the update. Actually 4 th3's don't have walls but max defenses for that level.
    2. I am moving a few accounts to start warring at th9. That line up is looking to be 1 th9, 2 th7, 3 th5, 4 th3's. I will be having 1 th7 and 2 th5 with only barch offense. One of each of those will have max/near max defenses but with a low offense shouldn't offset the weight too much. The rest will have defenses approx. 2 levels below their th level however all defenses will be put down even if it just stays at level 1. The reason for this is I have seen several clans that run lineups similar.
    3. My main clan was about to start warring again however the 1 gem boost and th12 has caused me to pause that for a bit. That clan will do 15v15 wars with one th at each level th2-11 as well as 5 th12's. This clan will look to max everything.
    4. My main account has been warring in another clan and wow it has been fun. The new siege machine has been fun to use with the war armies I have been using bowitch mostly. I have noticed a lot of people talking about the overpowered offense with this new update and while it might be partially true one needs to remember most are new th12 vs defenses of th11. Very few have been updating defenses before offense. A new th always has and advantage over the previous th level. This is part of the problem with the x.5 method and while I tried it was not a fan. Better to focus on offense like CC, lab, spell factory, army camps then place new defenses and bring up to the previous th level that rather than just sit as a .5.
    5. With lighting buffed I'd say air is strong again which means while I like air but currently behind I will start with ground. Air will be nerfed at some point and I will be ready with ground. This goes with my method of find out what everyone is doing and do the opposite.
    6. Finally anyone tried using a freeze spell at th8? Works very well when ad's are grouped together.

    I hope to be able to post tables again soon since it was a lot more fun to update when I could post them.
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