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Thread: TH10 looking for long term clan. DON"T RESPOND IF YOU DON"T MEET CRITERIA

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    TH10 looking for long term clan. DON"T RESPOND IF YOU DON"T MEET CRITERIA

    I know I posted another threat just moments ago, but it was bogged down by a user that insisted on posting multiple times, despite not really meeting any of the criteria that I am looking for in a clan. I just wanted to have a fresh post that doesn't have some troll posting all over it. I'm not spamming, and I will not continue to make new threads. Please do not flag me or comment that I posted twice. Thanks


    About me:

    - Adult US player
    - 25/26 King/Queen
    - 600+ war stars
    - Almost all troops TH10 maxed
    - Majority of defenses TH10 maxed

    What I am looking for:
    - ADULTS ONLY (like-minded working professionals preferred)
    - English speaking clan
    - Clan that is content with staying at/below 25 total members (not just war members)
    - Very few/no mini/alt accounts
    - No rushed bases
    - Wins wars fairly consistently
    - No required 3rd party apps
    - Donations do not sit unfilled for hours
    - Not a ton of people shuffling in & out
    - Wars 2-3x per week, but takes no issue w/ opt-outs

    If you think we might be a good fit, please reply to the threat with your clan info, or shoot me a PM.


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    Who's we?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyDLuffySH View Post
    Who's we?
    Myself and your clan..

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    We sound like the team you're looking for. We pretty much all know each other in person but are looking for a few more people to fill some holes. We have a very good war record, our clan name is Womi #9C88RQ2V Check us out!

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    Good luck in your search. I think we would be a good fit, I sent you a pm. The right clan can make or break the game. How is your golf game by the way? Mine is completely awful, i really need to take some lessons.

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    Sorry most serious war clans use discord and clash track....if your willing to use those you could be apart of the kingdom.....if willing to change your mind set you could have a chance to join an elite war clan....

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    We war alot bro meet most your criteria apart from the number of members we have. Have 30 members but about 10 are casual players. We war more than you'd like but never pressure to opt in or out. Our th10 would actually love someone to practice with. We win 4/5 wars have an impressive war log and have 5 members that donate almost 2000 troops per month so I think you'd like us.
    Check us out

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    Hi Titleist,

    We could be the clan you are looking for. We are an adult clan that has been around since January 2014 with many of us clashing for almost 4 years. We're a supportive and friendly international bunch of guys and girls who enjoy the social aspect of the game as much as the competition. We have clan members from USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia. Currently we have a mix of Town Hall 8, 9, 10 and 11 with levels from 80 to 165.

    We war twice a week, opt in or out as you need. War is declared Tuesdays and Fridays at about 1430GMT. Players must opt out if AQ or Spell Factory is upgrading. We use Clash Caller for attack assignments to keep war organised and BAND for chat.

    We understand that there is life outside of Clash and that takes priority; we have a few minimum activity rules just to ensure the whole clan is still in the game. Minimum 15 attack wins and 100 donations per week.

    If you think you may fit in at Sarosh, drop by an check us out. When you request mention "I saw you on the forum". There's no long application process or audition. Just tell us a bit about yourself.

    Clan: Sarosh
    Clan Tag: #PUGPG2R
    Clan Level: 8

    Sarosh #PUGPG2R

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    We have quite a few mini accounts, and we are currently 25 members but wouldn't mind going higher.
    Apart from that we meet every requirement, check us out if you're still interested:
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    Still looking, y'all ��

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