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Thread: Progression Thread

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    Progression Thread

    Well, I didn't know people actually do this, till now. I mean, I've done this a lot of times in my notepad and once created an excel as well (), but just read one on forum and thought of creating one here for myself.

    I am a th9, and I guess been here from past 3 weeks. Below are my stats:
    Lvl 8 walls -40
    Lvl 7 wall - 186
    Lvl 6 walls - 23

    Archer towers - All 5 at lvl 10.
    Cannons - 3 maxed at lvl 11. 2 lvl 10.
    Mortars - 4 lvl 6
    wizard towers 3 at lvl 6
    Hidden tesla - 3 at lvl 6
    Mortars - 4 at lvl 6
    Air Defense - 3 at lvl 6

    Yet to open Witch, lava hounds, baby dragons.
    Barbarians lvl 5
    Archer lvl 5
    Giants lvl 5
    Goblins lvl 4
    Wall breakers lvl 5
    Baloons lvl 5 - upgrade in progress
    wizards - lvl 5
    healers - lvl 2
    dragon - lvl 3
    pekka - lvl 2
    Minions - lvl 1 - never use them
    hogs - lvl 5 (maxed for the th)
    valks - lvl 1
    golem - lvl 2
    witch - not opened
    lava hounds - not opened

    Barbarian king - lvl 9
    Archer queen - lvl 3

    I am yet to buy any defense from th 9, so I am more like a th8.5.

    Hopefully I'd upgrade it weekly.

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    Hey all, so this is the progress I've made so far....

    Skull walls - 41
    Purple - 185
    Crystal - 23

    Have started upgrading tesla. Should be done in 10 days.

    Loons will reach lvl 6 in 5 days and 2 hours.

    I have not played a lot recently, no raid or anything, so kind of stuck. I've 3 builders lying lazily. Planning to put one on upgrading DE drill by end of the day. Need to farm a lot for that. And hopefully I'd get my 5th builder. 7 gems short of it. Then I'd have 4 builders doing nothing

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    Good Thread.

    I would post mine too if you dont mind.

    Just upgraded to TH9 3 days back. Actually gemmed the last 4 days as i had lot of gems and had been storing them since a long time and had my 5 builders too. Also just gemmed the last 3 days of the lab too as just couldnt work without any spells.

    Well i came with all skull walls and defense maxed from TH8 but and troops were maxed except the following
    Pekka - at 2
    Minion - at 2
    Rage - at 4
    Goblins - at 3
    Healer - at 4
    Wall Breaker - at 4

    I came with full resources at TH9 and hence gemmed the last bit. Bought all defences except x-bows
    Walls at below no
    Purple - 15
    Skull - 232
    Crystal - 3

    Have started lab (which was gemmed), clan castle, spell factory, dark spell factory. Plan to put AQ at lv 2 tonight and 1 on army camp tonight. Once AQ is done at 2 this builder will be kept for walls, new buildings and AQ as i move along.

    Will keep posted how i go within few days time .

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    Wow!!! You've done so much in such a little time!!!! Now I know why everyone keeps saying you'd have full resources when you up your th. It helps a lot. I didn't do that, and hence am taking a lot of time. But I'd get there . Good luck to you, and I'd be waiting to see how you will progress.

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    Update - 24-Nov-16

    Well, I've been busy upgrading my stuff, lol. I've finally made some progress, so these two days look good to me.

    I've got the 5th builder and right now he's busy taking a nap, along with one other builder. Yeah, I had 4 free, and now only 2, so it's better.

    Lab is still busy with loons upgrade, 3d and 3h to go before my loons will turn black.

    Builder 1 is on tesla upgrade lvl 6 -> lvl 7 - 7d 23h more.
    Builder 2 is on Dark Elixir Drill lvl 3 -> lvl 4 - 2d 5h remaining.
    Builder 3 just started on 2nd tesla lvl 6 -> lvl 7 - 10d remaining.

    I am sitting on 33K DE. Planning to push hard and upgrade my golems to lvl 3. 3d, 40k DE, seems hard. Let's see how it goes.

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    Update - 27th Nov - 2016

    Finally, my loons have turned black and they look uber cool!!! LVL 6 now!!!!

    Dark elixir drill is lvl 4 as well.

    Builder 1 is still on tesla -> 4d 20h remaining.
    Builder 2 is again on Tesla -> 6d 20h remaining.
    Builder 3 started with Tesla recently ->9d 6h remaining.

    Builder 4 and 5 are free, as I am pushing for golem upgrade. My DE is 53, unfortunately, wasn't able to push it to 70K. Still pushing. Will try to hit 60K tonight and 70 tomorrow.

    I've worked on walls too, not much, but there's progress:
    Skull walls - 43
    Purple - 183
    Crystal - 23
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    Add pictures using imgur, I will add mine in the future. I got from a rushed th9 with level 7 wall to decent with all skull and 41 legos in almost 3 months (along with other upgrades along the way)
    Clash of clans Account:
    Account #1: IGN: FxL | Townhall: 9 | Level: 100 | Clan: Forum Rising
    Account #2: IGN: hazR ​| Townhall: 5 | Level 41 | Clan: Forum Rising

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    Wow!!! That sounds good. You've been very active and it has paid off.

    OK, I'll try to add images. Will take me a while to figure out how though. Lol.

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    nice progress logan...
    My update so far
    AQ is 4 now and starting 5 today
    BK will start for 11 too
    CC and 1 Army camp will be done later and will start 1 Dark Barrack. Still have 2 days left for the DSF lv 3.
    I am maxing the traps now starting with Seeking Air Mines.
    I have finished all walls to skull and have done 5 legos.
    I am going to buy the Black Friday deal then start BK, AQ and Valks to 3 or Golem to 3 depending on how much DE i have. For that i have to Gem the lab to finish healer 3 upg. I think that DE in the long run would be valuable.

    After that i am not buying any gems unless there is a good deal again lol. Kinda hard for me to get Eli now but will have 10 days or so till next Lab upg and in the meantime i will figure what to do with the farming troops. Still thinking whether i should go ahead or not.

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    My progress thus far at th9:

    nothing left to upgrade until next update.

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