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Thread: Progression Thread

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    I've only made progression on my Town Hall and the Offensive Stuff.

    My villagers have 1 more day in the land of fire (TH 10) and since I've got the Rune of Elixir with me so I intend to get the E-Drag right away.
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    Hey Guys how are you all doing?

    Finally i made the jump to Th12. Was holding rune of eli and didnt want to waste another from CG so i upgraded it.

    tem Remaining Due Date
    Giga Tesla lv 2
    1d 20h 0m / 2d Friday at 1:34 PM
    Mortar Lv9
    1d 11h 20m / 12d Friday at 4:48 AM
    Dark Elixir Storage Lv7
    4d 13h 20m / 7d Monday at 6:48 AM
    Elixir Storage Lv13
    5d 13h 35m / 7d Tuesday at 7:03 AM
    Wizard Lv8
    6d 16h 38m / 14d 10/17/2018
    Seige Workshop Lv2
    7d 23h 54m / 8d 10/18/2018
    Stats: TH11 Lvl183 LeagueCrystal 1
    Heros: BK50 AQ50 GW20 Stars1435
    Walls: Lv1296 Lv11204

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    Doing alright now that I finally made it back to Legends. Now that I made it back and most of what I come across is TH12 it makes me want to rush up too. However, I know it's still too early for that talk. Need at least 5 more troops maxed and my GW before even considering it. I've pretty much stopped warring with my main account, but now my king is down and I've been pushing again so... I may get back into it after a while before going to TH12 but we'll see.

    I've been focusing on war with my other accounts instead. Echo is now a completely maxed TH9! Kaeliix almost has all defenses at max TH9 level; heroes at 17/21. After getting all defenses maxed at 9 I'll work on getting all walls to Lv10 and heroes up to 30 each. Then, I'll start moving into the TH10 defense levels.

    Wiz Tower: 8 > 9: 12h
    Cannon: 13 > 14: 19h27min
    Giant Bomb: 4 > 5: 1d10h
    BK: 40 > 41: 3d1h
    Cannon: 13 > 14: 3d2h

    Lab: Healers are now maxed and Loons are going to Lv7: 6d16h left. Then, I plan to put Edrags in since that's mainly what I'm pushing with. I'll use BoF from games to complete them immediately and I still have a RoE so Giants will likely be after. Unless I use RoE for GW and use BoH to finish. In that case I'll likely add a dark troop or spell if I've got enough DE.

    Wiz Tower: 6 > 7: 18h50min
    Wiz Tower: 6 > 7: 2d21h
    Wiz Tower: 6 > 7: 2d22h
    BK: 17 > 18: 3d
    Air Sweeper: 4 > 5: 5d11h

    Main TH11| Leader of Crooked Lines|Highest Cups 5144|BK40 AQ50 GW10
    Minis - Echo: maxed TH9 | Kaeliix: rushed TH10
    Credit to Planck for the awesome signature.

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    Hey Everyone,

    Not been on in a while.

    Not much left to report is the reason why, I am working away at the Lab and remaining buildings.

    Remaining to do I have: 2x Bomb Towers and 3 Mortars then every building is done.. so if you remember an update is 100% due shortly as it landed just when I maxed 11 last time.

    All 5 builders are on Cannons with between 1d 3h and 9d 7h remaining. Lab has a day left of Giants, then going for a quick one like Clone before Clan Game Rewards where i will be able to do a few things at once.

    To keep busy i've started building defences on my donation account. Its a 10 with strong armies so might as well make it useful.
    Clash on.
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    Queen: 60 King: 60 Warden: 30

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