Progress during the past 2 weeks:

Finished upgrading mortars to level 7.
Got the other xbow to level 2.
I have 49 skull walls currently. Rest are level 7.
Got almost all my cannons upgrading One more to go.
I've had the lab on constantly for the past 3 weeks. First I upgraded valks from level 1 to 3 in row and then got my minions upgrading. Currently have 7 days left on level 6 loons.
Also been upgrading traps with extra gold.

Last week I also had to drop to silver 2 (currently farming on silver 1) from crystal 1 because I got tired of losing a lot of elixir each time someone attacked me (I constantly have over 3 million elixir).

I'm planning to upgrade golems to level 2 once I'll get the DE for 'em. I'll also have to upgrade the jump spell and wizards ASAP.