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Thread: TH 10 Attack Strategy?

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    TH 10 Attack Strategy?

    Looking for a TH 10 attack i've been using GOWIPE since TH 9 but i'm struggling to be able to 3 star other TH 10 pls help.
    Preferably Ground Armies
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    Miners are quite easy to use and cook fast once you make an investment in your barracks. Also Frozen witch is a fun and simple war attack that does not require much time planning but also a very reliable 3 star.

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    Laloonian....or Hogs and valks. GOWIPE???? really...that's been dead for like 5 years and back then it was only a 2 star attack unless you got lucky.

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    Upgrade bowlers and witches. L3 witches pretty strong at 10.
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    If you mean about war strategy, there are tons. I massacre other TH10's with mass PEKKA'S.
    GIANTS, Bowlers & Witches are so good for now!
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