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    Thumbs Up Hay Day - Winter is Here!

    Oh yes, winter has arrived to Hay Day!! Your animals are all dressed up for the occasion! The Holiday decorations will become available soon!


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    I would love some more snow on our Farms, a bit like that nice picture here 😃

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    ...but my wings have been so denied.
    The bunny is laughing because the pig is taking the idea of an infinity scarf too far.

    I am snow excited about the winter update. Winter is my favorite time on the farm.

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    Awwww look that cute rabbit laughing....
    So cute.
    Thanks Supercell
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    Why are both Rose and the winter pig knitting pink scarves??? Hmmm... will we get pink scarf as a new product in the next update???

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    Looks like Rose and Ernest couldn't afford decorations, I guess enough of us didn't hire them post free trial.
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    Why isn't Tom dressed for winter? Yall could have at least given him a warm toboggan or scarf.....

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    Ferme sous la neige

    Ce serait superbe de voir nos fermes sous la neige et, 2 fois par semaine, 2 jours complets avec la nuit éclairés par des lampions comme à Farmville 2

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    The townspeople are also cold....


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    Me too plizzzz😙

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